One Brand Review – Lagom Skincare

"Not too little, not too much"Lagom Today, let me share with you an in-depth review of one of my top most wish-listed K-Beauty brands in my book - Lagom. Created by 12 experts (makeup artists, scientists & skincare experts), Lagom aims to restore our skin's natural balance by infusing essential ingredients in their skincare products… Continue reading One Brand Review – Lagom Skincare


Top 5 Things to buy from Hellojunghana Shopee

There are thousands, literally THOUSANDS of K-Beauty stores easily available for us to shop online. With just a tap/click of the mouse, you'll have your products delivered right to your doorstep in just less than a week, or 24 hours even! Talk about convenience at your fingertips eh? When it comes to online shopping, what… Continue reading Top 5 Things to buy from Hellojunghana Shopee


Philips Wireless Keyboard & Mouse (SPT6314) Review

The term "Working from Home" was such a privileged thing to say during the pre-covid era, right? "Where's your office?""Oh, I work from home"*drops mic* With the sudden spike of COVID-19 cases worldwide, Working From Home has turned from a privileged entitlement to a new norm / new normal. Everyone started purchasing laptops, gadgets, upgrading… Continue reading Philips Wireless Keyboard & Mouse (SPT6314) Review


Dr. Jart Cicapair Balm and VT Cosmetic Cica Cream Comparison Review

Cica. What is Cica, exactly? Introduction Cica, also known as Centella Asiatica, or Tiger Grass to some, is known for its soothing & healing properties. Whenever you see the word "Cica" on your skincare, you'll know this product is meant to heal, soothe skin's irritation, calms down inflammation & repair compromised skin barrier. Cica/Centella Asiatica… Continue reading Dr. Jart Cicapair Balm and VT Cosmetic Cica Cream Comparison Review