Personal Finance: Year in Recap

Hi guys, this month marks the one year mark since myself & Ivy came on board to join Karen to form Team Gudeiary! Since then I've written at least one article a month in an area of Finance, be it in building your knowledge in investing, saving or just money stories. If you don't know… Continue reading Personal Finance: Year in Recap


The Cost of Emergencies | Money lesson

Recently, I have experienced an untoward incident of house repairs. An unexpected cost that required dipping into my emergency fund. Having never experienced something like this before, the entire experience was extremely stressful. Even though I know deep down I've set aside an emergency fund - the psychological effect doesn't quite align with that of… Continue reading The Cost of Emergencies | Money lesson

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The Psychology of Money | Key Takeaways

'We think about and are taught about money in ways that are too much like physics (with rules and laws) and not enough like psychology (with emotions and nuance') - The Psychology of Money; Morgan Housel The quote above aptly captures why we need to reexamine the way we approach money because often times our… Continue reading The Psychology of Money | Key Takeaways