Top 5 Favourite Youtubers on Slow Living

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed with life that you think 24 hours is just not enough for you? Carpe diem? or more to Carpe Heck?! …because what does seizing the day mean to you when you’re overworked yet doesn’t feel like you’ve accomplished anything at the end of the day?

Hustling lifestyle is definitely a thing. Some people love it, some people don’t (aka, me). I mean, who doesn’t love earning big bucks, owning your own house & car, getting great appraisals from bosses, constantly wanting positive approvals from superiors & your work. It’s all very normal. We’re all humans & we are & will constantly crave for acknowledgements be it from your superior, co-worker or parents, even.

(unless you enjoy the hustler life, then just click the ‘x’ button on your desktop lol)

But….. Let’s take one step back and ask yourself – are you happy? The meaning of happiness & contentment differs from each individual and that’s what makes us unique.

For me? Happiness is slowing down & living intentionally, pouring my affection & time to those I truly care about. But of course, there are days when I feel like a lump of cow’s dung, unmotivated, stuck & truly unhappy. Whenever I feel too overwhelmed with what life throws at me, besides walking or running it off, I like to immerse myself with calm videos on slow living – something that I want to continuously embrace but can’t because, well, life.

Sharing is caring because I know un-potato-ing oneself is not easy. So, here are my Top 5 Youtubers that I always go back to whenever I feel like a useless potato. Not arranging based on preference, by the way. I love all of them equally.

1. Rowena Tsai

I’ve been a follower of Rowena ever since I spotted her in Beauty Within videos years ago. I enjoy watching her goofy personality, listening to her calm voice, her cooking video snippets tucked in most of her videos, her originality & her apartment! Haha. She mostly makes lifestyle & inspirational videos on how to un-potato your life & mindset, which has helped me in so many ways. She’s like that sister you wish you had (I love my real life sister btw, just a metaphor lol). Also, I love how she calls & addresses us as potatoes because, yes. I am one!

If you love watching lifestyle videos with motivational ways to awaken your mind & spirit, she’s the gal for you.

2. Alex Miotto

Alex’s video was recommended to me after watching tons of Rowena’s videos (ily, youtube algorithm haha). Her videos exude calm vibes & never fails to let me know that its okay to take a breather & slow down. Her comfy, clean room is my favourite part of her video. I love the simplicity of her perspective in life. Though I am not a Christian, I love the bible verses she shares in the beginning of her videos which are all very inspiring to me. I believe we can all learn from each other’s religions & beliefs because religions, after all, are good teachings to guide us in life.

If you’re looking for a simple meaning in life with inspirational verses, give Alex’s videos a try.

3. Malama Life

Sophie is the living definition of simple life. Her videos of her life in Maui just makes you want to pack your bags, leave everything behind, fly to Maui & start anew there. Malama means to take care of, tend, attend, care for, preserve, protect. With direct translation, it means light. Her humble, minimalism lifestyle is the perfect definition of what I seek for in life. Perhaps not now, but in the future, hopefully. She talks mostly on simple living, shopping ethically, how to live a full life & minimalism. I love watching her videos when I’m comfortably tucked in my bed. Listening to her calm voice & rewarding myself with her aesthetically pleasing videos is just a great way to unwind after a long day. One day, I want to be living the life Sophie is in now. One day…

If you love beaches, Hawaii, dogs & meaningful, simple videos, I highly recommend watching Malama Life’s videos.

4. Reflect with Raksha

2020 was the year I started investing my time into bullet journaling. I’ve always wanted to start my very own journal but never got the chance or time to start one. So when we were all tucked in our homes due to the pandemic last year, I picked up BUJOing & Reflect with Raksha is one of my favourite go-to BUJO channel to watch. Not only are her layout simple & easy for a newbie to pick up, Raksha also teaches us how to be mindful with our journals. Yes, there are many great BUJO gurus out there with much more amazing templates and designs, but to me, a complicated journal where you spend hours decorating one but not filling up the actual content is not an effective journaling journey (or at least that’s what I believe in). Her calm voice & accent adds so much serenity in her videos. I also subscribe to her weekly e-newsletter & I always look forward to read her weekly musings in my mail.

If you’re new to Bullet Journaling & are looking for a simple, mindful yet effective setup, Reflect with Raksha is definitely my recommendation for you.

5. Haegreendael

Haegreendal has to be one of the most aesthetic housewife I’ve ever seen. She makes house chores & cooking look calm, easy & fun. Who would’ve ever thought that doing laundry, changing bed sheets or making breakfast & dinner for the family can be this calming. I just love her video angles. Her meaningful messages & captions are all in Korean but hey, that’s where the caption comes in handy. Her videos are fun to watch anytime of the day (except right before sleeping), even when you’re just looking for a brief video to watch over a quick dinner. Do not watch her videos when you’re about to sleep because you might end up ravaging through your kitchen for food. She’s such a great cook that every short snippet of her cooking in her videos (even just her cutting vegetables lol) can turn one hungry. Can I just move in with her already?

If you’re looking for easy cooking videos on living fully in a happy home with the presence of a child (that doesn’t scream or annoys you) or random content that will inspire you to do your laundry haha, check out Haegreendal’s channels.

Hope you find inspiring contents in one of my recommendations up there! If you’re feeling stuck, here’s a hug for you. Take a breather & I know you can get through this.

til’ the next post.

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