What I learned from Moving Houses | Lessons & Tips

So I'm finally moving! I've been renting a place for quite some time, and I'm excited for the next chapter of my life. I know most of the advice online recommends you hire a mover to ease the process...but I chose to Do-It-Myself. lol Partly because: I want to save moneyI need to declutter and… Continue reading What I learned from Moving Houses | Lessons & Tips

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Invest in the Emotional Bank

I'm currently reading Stephen Covey's famous book - the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and one particular concept stood out to me - The Emotional Bank. We all know what a financial bank is. We regularly make deposits and withdrawal of cash.Similarly, with an emotional bank, we make deposits and withdrawals too - but… Continue reading Invest in the Emotional Bank


10 of my Favourite Female Youtubers

I realised that I subscribe to quite a few female youtubers. At first I wondered if it's because they cover content that are stereotypically more 'feminine', but I realised that's not entirely true. I think maybe it's more due to the shared experiences as a woman that makes the more relatable and sometimes they just… Continue reading 10 of my Favourite Female Youtubers