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Freaky Nine Temporary Tattoos Review

Did You Know?

Tattoos are considered illegal in South Korea? It is a taboo in South Korea that tattoos are associated with “bad people”, or gangsters – ultimately tattoos just give you a bad image. To be honest, I’m pretty sure many people around the world carries this perception too.

Like any other stereotypes, we shouldn’t judge anyone just by their image. Fortunately with the rise of the younger generations – especially K-Pop artists in South Korea that have been expressing their artsy side with tattoos, this taboo is slowly fading away from the locals’ minds & perceptions of tattoos have also changed over the years.

Me personally? I enjoy looking at the beautiful tattoo art on people – how detailed & colourful they can be & have always wanted to get one myself… except for one thing – I AM AFRAID OF NEEDLES. My phobia of needles is above the chart.

So this is where FREAKY NINE Tattoo comes in & saves the day *wipes off happy tears

They offer so many beautiful temporary tattoo stickers on their website, fully designed by experienced tattoo artists in South Korea. Their designs are ever-expanding, so you’ll never get bored with what they have to offer plus, you get to support local tattoo artists’ works too!

Freaky Nine generously sent a couple of designs over & here’s what we picked:


Simple & straightforward manuals on how to stick the tattoos + 2 packets of alcohol wipes

How To Use?

Step 1: Use the alcohol swab provided & wipe desired adherence area clean.

Step 2: Cut out the design of the sticker you want. Make sure to not cut too far deep or too far out.

Step 3: Remove the tattoo film & stick it on the desired area. Press onto the sticker for about 20-30 seconds.

Step 4: Slowly remove the remaining film & the tattoo should be sitting nicely on your skin!

Sounds complicated? Here’s a pictorial!

You can visit their website’s FAQ to learn more on how to apply, remove and so forth

How It Looks On Us

How Does It Look Like Compared to a Real Tattoo?

Here are Team Gudeiary’s sexy backs!

Left (Ivy) – Freaky Nine Sticker Tattoo VS Right (Jojo) – Real Tattoo


I received many “alarms” from friendly coworkers & friends when I tried the first sticker on my wrist – from “wow, you did a tattoo!” to “omg, does it hurt?” and “pretty tattoo right there!”. My reply? “It’s a sticker!“. Many said they wouldn’t have guessed that what I had on my wrist came from a sticker as they’re all very intricately designed.

Pros – I love, love, love their designs, especially the new ones! Application is super easy & the longevity is bearable (about 5 days on my wrist but this depends on where you apply). It’s also a good way to experiment with which tattoo designs suit you best before committing to a real one.

Cons – I could see the edge of the sticker when first apply (which goes off after a couple of hours) & depending on where you apply, the edge may darken if it picks up dust when it is not fully dried. Remember to put back unused stickers into the plastic packaging as they might get stuck & transfer to another surface if not kept properly. How do I know? Well, we can say that my friend’s lipstick case now comes with a personalised tattoo on the cap!

All in all, while these are sent to us in exchange for our honest reviews, I can safely recommend this brand to all of you! They offer international shipping too.

*Products are given in exchange for a review. Links are not affiliated.

Till the next post, loves! xx

Happy New Year!


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