Neogen V. Biome Line Review

When it comes to recommending a K-Beauty skincare brand that one can rely on, Neogen will be one of the top 5 brands that I’ll highly recommend for anyone to try out. Being one of the pioneers in the Korean skincare world, Neogen formulates a vast range of skincare products, catering to many different skin types & people of all ages.

Today, I’ll be sharing their relatively-new V. Biome range, which is highly recommended if you have a dry or mature skin type. The range currently consists of 4 products – 2 types of cream, 1 serum & 1 eye cream. Before we dive into my honest reviews, here’s a short summary of what V. Biome is.

What is V. Biome?

V. Biome Liposome™️ or in short, V. Biome, is a trademarked key formulation by Neogen, combining different types of vitamins & probiotics in Neogen’s exclusive Nano Capsule technology that reinforces the antioxidant & collagen production effect on our skin, whilst helping the products to penetrate quicker & deeper into the skin, resulting in intense firming care & slows down the signs of ageing.

It’s a mouthful & definitely something that may be hard for our brain to digest because, since when skincare has become this complicated?! lol… but ultimately, it’s a great anti-ageing skincare ingredient & formulation, perfect for those who are looking to start their anti-ageings skincare journey.

V. Biome Soothing Cream & V. Biome Firming Cream

What I like about Neogen is that they always offer two different types of cream formulations in the same series/range, which is a really great thing because then both dry and oily skin types can enjoy the same benefits that particular series has to offer!

What are their similarities?

  • Both contain its trademarked V. Biome Liposome™️ ingredients with just a different percentage
    • Soothing Cream contains 5%
    • Firming Cream contains 10%
  • Both contain 19 different types of multivitamin & niacinamide, also with just a different percentage
    • Soothing Cream contains more than 5% of multivitamins & 2% niacinamide
    • Firming Cream contains more than 7% of multivitamins & 2% niacinamide
  • Peptides are present in both creams at a different percentage
    • Soothing Cream has 8 types of peptides
    • Firming Cream contains 10 types of peptides
  • Both are effective in the anti-aging departments, whilst helping to soothe & brightens the skin texture
  • Has a built-in globe massage applicator

What are their differences?

  • Texture
    • Soothing Cream – lightweight, gel consistency
    • Firming Cream – thicker, creamier consistency
  • Hyaluronic Acid content
    • Soothing Cream contains 8 different types of hyaluronic acid that helps to lock in moisture, keeping the skin well-hydrated throughout the day
  • Finishing on the skin
    • Soothing Cream leaves a smooth canvas on the skin without feeling too suffocating for morning use. I personally love using this in the morning & treat this like a “primer” for my sunscreen & makeup because it has a fast absorbent property as compared to Firming Cream.
    • Firming Cream definitely feels heavier on the skin but it’s no surprise because it’s definitely creamier compared to the latter. I use this only at night because it doesn’t absorb as fast but I definitely love how nourishing this cream is! It is not sticky albeit its thicker texture & I’ll always wake up with supple skin the next day.

I use these two, day & night for two weeks & I can definitely see that my skin is much plumper & healthier! It works as claimed but of course, it will not erase your wrinkles overnight. It works really well in injecting the moisture your skin needs & the Firming Cream might be a great one if you stay in a cold climate!

Soothing Cream – day use | oily skin type
Firming Cream – night use | dry skin type

Soothing Cream: $34/60g on Stylekorean. Buy here.
Firming Cream: $34/60G on Stylekorean. Buy here.

V. Biome Infusion Serum

This is another winner for me from this range. Similar to its siblings from the V. Biome line, this too contains 5% V-Biome Liposome & more than 10% of multivitamins that aims to help with skin’s elasticity, leaving the skin firm, healthy & glowy. It also contains 5% Niacinamide which is well-known to help brighten & lighten hyperpigmentation. The serum is also infused with Vitamin C & Ferulic Acid, which creates a synergy effect when combined together that helps to boost the skin’s ability to self-repair, resulting in strengthened, firmer skin.

The consistency leans towards the watery side but not too light that it feels like nothing on the skin or that it doesn’t hydrate enough. As a person with an oily skin type, the texture is just right for me to use both day & night. The colour is quite murky (low key hoping it was purple in colour). If you’re sensitive to fragrance then you’re happy to know that this one is totally scent-free / fragranceless.

This NEVER FAILS to leave my skin looking all glowy & silky smooth. It makes any moisturiser that I put on glides on like a dream. Luckily, it doesn’t make my moisturiser pill & doesn’t cause any irritation or breakouts, so I am very thankful!

Recommended for: I think most skin types can benefit from this serum, especially if you are in your late 20s, or early 30s that are looking to start your anti-aging skincare regime.

Price: $35/30ml on Stylekorean. Buy here.

V. Biome Advanced Eye Cream

You’re either a team eye cream, or you’re not. I’m definitely in team eye cream because I’ve seen results from constantly applying them since I have very severe dark circles & under-eye lines. While eye creams do not erase dark circles (it’s impossible because it’s hereditary + my thin under eyes skin), I’ve seen how it helps preventing or worsen my early-age wrinkles under my eyes from not using eye cream when I was young + constant tugging during makeup removal *cries. History that no one asked for aside, let’s talk about this eye cream!

This eye cream contains 5 different types of patented ingredients that are all rich in anti-ageing properties & helps with skin’s elasticity. Neogen also infuses 10 different types of peptides which is a great skincare ingredient that helps to pump back elasticity into the skin, resulting in firmer-looking skin.

The texture is creamy like any typical eye cream in a tube & a little goes a long way with this one. It’s unscented as well. While it has a creamy texture, it doesn’t sit under the eyes & absorbs quite quickly. It leaves no greasiness behind, which is a great plus point for morning use because who has the time to wait in the morning, am I right? It hydrates the under eyes well & doesn’t cause milia but it’s definitely too soon for me to tell how well this works in the anti-ageing department, but I have hope!

Recommended for: people with dry under eyes who prefer a moisturising, creamy eye cream or just simply looking for an anti-ageing eye cream

Price: $30/35ml on Stylekorean. Buy here.

Overall, we can conclude that the V. Biome range is a superstar in the firming & elasticity department & a great pick-me-up for those who are venturing into anti-aging skincare products. I hope you find my reviews helpful & holla in the comments section if you have any questions!

Till the next post! xx


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