Beauty of Joseon – Ginseng Line – One Brand Review

Beauty of Joseon is no stranger in the beauty world, famed for incorporating Hanbang (traditional Korean holistic medicine) ingredients in its skincare formulation such as Ginseng, Rice & Green Plum. Beauty of Joseon – also known as BOJ, carries an array of skincare products ranging from cleansers, serum and face cream to eye creams. I’ve been a fan of the brand since I discovered, tried & fallen in love with the serum (click to read my review) – one of my top posts here that have garnered plenty of attention.

In today’s review, I’ll share my thoughts on this beautiful Ginseng set from Beauty of Joseon, a mixture of some old favourites and new finds that have now become a staple product in my routine.

Ginseng Cleansing Oil

I’ve always been a fan of cleansing oil. When Beauty of Joseon introduces their new Cleansing Oil that combines ginseng with soybean oil, I knew I had to try it!

Key Ingredients

  • 50% Soybean Oil – skin-friendly oil that helps to dissolve impurities without clogging the skin & acts as a skin conditioner to smooth the skin
  • 0.1% Ginseng Seed Oil – helps to protect the skin from external stimuli combined with its ginseng/herbal scent for a therapeutic cleansing experience


One of the most lightweight cleansing oil that feels almost like water, which always drips off my hand lol

Cleansing Power

Removes makeup & sunscreen very well. It’s quite lightweight so if you love using waterproof mascara like myself, using this alone will not do the trick. You’ll need a separate oil makeup remover. Click here to watch my video.


This is a gentle cleansing oil that is suitable for everyone. It’s very gentle, doesn’t leave the skin feeling stripped nor does it leave an oily film after washing off. The natural ginseng scent, which isn’t too overpowering – just a hint of herbal grass scent, adds to the whole experience. If you use cleansing oil as your main cleanser, look no further because this is such a nice pick. I really enjoy this one & it’s one of the few cleansing oils that I’ll repurchase in the future.

Where to get it?

Available on Stylekorean’s website for only $13/210ml. Click here to buy.

Ginseng Essence Water

If there is only one skincare essence I can pick to use for the rest of my life, it’ll be this one.

I have fungal-acne-prone skin and knowing how most essences – especially in Asian skincare, are usually formulated with fermented ingredients, I find it tricky to find essences that suit my skin. Fermented ingredients are great to combat the signs of ageing whilst delivering ample of nourishment for the skin but unfortunately, my skin isn’t a fan. Fortunately, this beautiful essence that contains a high concentration of ginseng extracts helps to deliver the same benefits and does not contain high fermented ingredients on the list!

Key Ingredients

  • 80% Panax Ginseng Root Water – helps to hydrate the skin, great anti-ageing skincare ingredient
  • 2% Niacinamide – a well-loved skincare ingredient that needs no introduction. Great to regulate sebum production, helps lighten post inflammation mark


Watery with just a very slight slip to it. Non-goopy nor sticky with a slight herbal scent


You know how you think that product is just “yeah, ok” but then you notice a difference on your skin when you stop using it? This is how I feel with this essence. For the first week, I liked it. It’s very hydrating, absorbs quickly, fuss-free as it pairs well with any skincare I layer on & doesn’t trigger my fungal acne. In the 2nd week, I stopped using it (was trying to clear out other opened essences) & notice that my skin wasn’t as chok-chok as it used to be the week before! While this isn’t new in my routine prior to receiving this set (gifted my previous bottle to a friend to try), I’m so so happy to have it back in my routine! An essence that I will continue to repurchase until the end of time

Where to buy?

I love how friendly the price tag is so everyone can enjoy the benefits of ginseng without breaking the bank! It’s only $13/150ml on Stylekorean. Click here to buy.

Ginseng + Snail Mucin Revive Serum

This is my second bottle and I am still a fan of this serum. This is their renewed version where they change the name from repair to revive and change of manufacturer as well. Other than that, everything else stays as awesome as the original version, including the key ingredients and benefits.

Key Ingredients

  • 63% Ginseng Root Water – packed with anti-aging properties that helps with wrinkles, skin’s elasticity and nourishment
  • 3% Snail Secretion Filtrate – a well-known Kbeauty skincare ingredient that helps to repair damaged skin and promotes regeneration of skin cells


It has a warm, brown ginseng shade with just a slight goopy texture due to its snail secretion content. Has a faint herbal scent, nothing too overpowering


This is truly a nourishing serum that is perfect for night use. The bottle is really small, 30ml is not enough for this fan here lol. I NEED A 50ml or a 100ml version, please! It nourishes, repairs and hydrates the skin really elegantly without being too thick nor does it suffocates my skin. A little goes a long way so 1 small drop on each cheek is more than enough. I’ll always wake up to poreless, nourished skin the next day. I love using this as my 2nd serum whenever I do my serum layering technique. Highly recommended for those who are trying to incorporate ginseng into your skincare routine

Where to buy?

Available on Stylekorean for $13/30ml. Click here to buy.

Revive Eye Serum: Ginseng + Retinal

Ever since its launch, I’ve been EYEing (geddit? lol) this eye serum because of the main ingredients used – ginseng and retinal.

Key ingredients

  • 2% Retinal Liposome – stabilized retinal that is well-known to reduce the signs of wrinkles & helps with skin’s elasticity
  • 10% Ginseng Root Extract – supplies undereye with moisture deep into the skin


Yellow hue (typical retinal/retinol shade) that is very creamy & glides like a dream. Unscented.


I’ve been using this as my night eye cream since I received it a month ago. Due to its retinal content, I like to be safe and save this for only nighttime use. While the name says “serum”, it doesn’t have a serum texture and I personally find it sitting in between a gel and cream consistency. Eye creams typically take a longer time to show results on me and a month is too short for me to vouch on its claims. However, I extremely love how moisturising this eye serum is, the same moisture I get from thicker eye creams but without causing any milia under the eyes. I’d recommend this to those that are in their late 20s or mid 30s that are starting their retinal journey, perhaps a tad bit too potent for teens.

Where to buy

Considering its ingredients, this is one of the more affordable eye creams with great ingredients. Available on Stylekorean for $12/30ml. Click here to buy.

All in all, the ginseng series from Beauty of Joseon are worth a try. They have a very pocket-friendly price tag & packed with amazing ingredients that are great for any skin type to try out.

I hope all of you are happy, healthy & well. Till the next post! xx


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