Cosrx Lip Masks Review – Which One Should You Buy?

We’ve seen, read and probably tried the famous Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask that everyone seems to love and enjoy. It doesn’t intrigue me to try because I could just sleep with a regular lip balm on. That being said, I am quite blessed with non-chapped lips but I do know how painful & irritating chapped lips can be!

I was lucky enough to be sent Cosrx’s cute Lip Masks, Scrubs & Plumper to try out in return for my honest reviews (thank you Stylekorean!) so let us dive right in & see which one should you pick up?

Propolis Lip Sleeping Mask

Formulated with propolis extract, this overnight lip treatment helps to nourish the lips, creating a protective veil to heal chapped/cracked lips when you sleep. The texture is slightly goopy as compared to the rest but not to the extent that it’s too sticky to apply to the lips. It doesn’t leave any sticky feeling & is actually quite comfortable on the lips! It is the most nourishing in their new lip mask range, which is a great pick-me-up for dry lips. It is not fragranced but has a slight hint of honey smell from its natural propolis extract. My sister has very sensitive, dry lips & she too enjoys this lip mask!

Recommended for: extreme dry/chapped lips
Price: $22 on Stylekorean. Buy here. Currently on sale for $15 only!

Ceramide Lip Butter Sleeping Mask

Who doesn’t love ceramide, am I right? It’s a great skincare ingredient to repair & strengthen the compromised skin barrier, leaving it healthier & more resilient. Infused with this lovely ingredient, this sleeping mask also helps to repair chapped lips, which is similar to the propolis sleeping mask. This will be a nice alternative if you do not prefer propolis or are sensitive to it. It is not goopy like the latter & has a more balm-like, firm but sherbety texture. It’s definitely more lightweight & the moisture goes off after an hour. This isn’t as powerful enough for overnight treatment so I use this in the AM as my lip balm, which by the way, works really well! My matte lipstick/lip stain goes on smoothly whenever I apply this underneath.

Recommended for: those that prefer non-sticky lip treatment/wants a heavier duty day lip-balm
Price: $22 on Stylekorean. Buy here.

Honey Sugar Lip Scrub

I’ve used sugar lip scrubs before & I’m quite a fan of them as well. I have to say, this one has the finest sugar texture out there! *chefskisses. It has a slight hint of honey scent & tastes sweet if you accidentally consume it. This melts effortlessly on the lips & the fine sugar granules exfoliates the lips well, doesn’t feel abrasive on the lips. It leaves my lips perfectly smooth after washing it off with no weird, waxy leftover, unlike some lip scrubs I’ve tried. I truly enjoyed this one! This will be my go-to lip scrub & definitely repurchasing. The untouched texture is so adorable too, like poo poo? LOL.

Recommended for: anyone that loves a fine, brown sugar lip scrub
Price: $22 on Stylekorean. Buy here.

AHA BHA Vitamin C Plumper

I’ve honestly never used a lip plumping product before so this is very new to me. The most tingling “lip plumping” product I’ve used is the Pixi gloss, which honestly had no effect other than leaving cool, minty feeling on the lips. This lip product’s texture is the slimiest & melts very easily in hot room, so do take note not to put this near your window. Mine melted a little and it got a lil’ messy. It’s totally scentless. This tingles after a minute sitting on my lips. The tingling sensation is not painful at all but feels very similar to when you just had one kick-ass spicy bowl of tomyam or curry & your lip is just all “warm & swollen”? Yeah! That feeling. That aside, I did not notice much plumping effect or difference at all so I am not sure what to feel about this. its quite sticky on the lips so sad to say that this is not something I would reach for. If you have chapped lips, I do think this will burn your lips.

Recommended for: wants a subtle lip-plumping effect/strong-ass lips that isn’t dry or sensitive to lip plumping products
Price: $22 on Stylekorean. Buy here.

Overall, I quite enjoyed these products except for the lip plumping one because it’s not something I would use on a daily basis. They perform as claimed but the price can be a lil’ steep before discount. Stylekorean always have amazing deals so if you’re not in a rush, do wait for these babies to go on sale & try them out! I do hope these mini review helps you out on which to add into your cart 😉 till the next post! xx


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