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Rom&nd or also known as Romand, is not a stranger in the makeup world. Famed for their beautiful lip products, they have quickly expanded into offering more makeup items ranging from eyeshadows, mascara to blusher, BB cushion and so forth. Thanks to Stylekorean, I was selected to try & review a range of Rom&nd products! Here’s what I received & my reviews on these beauties:

Note – these products are recommended for cool-toned skin. To know your undertone, click here. Many people usually recommend checking vein colour but I really can’t tell the difference lol! So I usually test out with clothes colour & makeup. From there, I realised that I look better (and actually owns a lot of them too, unknowingly) in grey or muted brown clothes & my makeup generally look more flattering when I use cool-toned eyeshadows, like the one I will be reviewing right about… now.

Better Than Eyes Eyeshadow Quad in M.02Dry Buckwheat Flower

Just look at these basic but beautiful, versatile shades!

Are you a fan of cool tone or warm tone eyeshadows? I personally love collecting warm tone eyeshadows because they’re too pretty & their colours are always super eye-catching (weak knees when I see them) but to be honest, I personally think cool tone shadows complements my skin tone so much more. While warm tone makes one look fresher & younger, I like how cool tone shadows make one look more sultry & also great for an everyday look.

This pretty quad from Rom&nd is great for an everyday look & perfect for makeup newbies. Korean eyeshadows are known to be more subtle as compared to Western’s but this one has a great colour payoff, not patchy & doesn’t crumble/fluff everywhere. Korean eyeshadows are generally great for beginners or those who prefer light, natural makeup.

Blending isn’t an issue & these shadows are not patchy. I love every single shade in this quad, though I much prefer a more subtle glitter topper. You have to go light-handed with the shimmer as it’s quite soft & personally think this works better with fingers. Tried using a brush & picks up nothing. Once the glitter shade sits on the lid, it doesn’t budge, so a little goes a long way as it can be quite shimmery.

This quad also reminds me of the famous Natasha Denona cool-toned eyeshadows palette (which is on my wishlist for the longest time but wow, that price tag) with almost similar shades but at a fraction of the price. This is available at Stylekorean’s official website for only $14.40!

I also love how they include a “date of use” sticker for each of their makeup items, so you can easily note down the date of opening against its PAO (period after opening). Love it! Nothing major but a very thoughtful initiative. Quads are so easy to travel around with too & you won’t go wrong with these shades, so give this a try!

Better Than Cheek in Blueberry Chip

Rom&nd Better Than Cheek in Blueberry Chip is a beautiful pink toned blush with a slight hint of purple, great for people with cool skin tone.

To be honest, this is not the usual blush shade I’d pick because let’s be real, we all want to be safe & pick a common light pink/warm-toned blush, don’t we? I’m usually a chicken myself too. So, most of my blushes lean towards the safe, generic shades. However, after trying this odd yet pretty shade out, I must say… I love it! I’m usually not a fan of pink/purplish toned blush but this shade is BEAUTIFUL. A very youthful colour, if that makes sense?

unedited image of the blush shade

It complements my skin tone very well & the pigmentation is just right. It doesn’t appear too purple nor too pink like the basic shades available abundantly in the k-beauty market. It has the perfect balance of pink & purple shade to give you a subtle youthful glow. The powder is not crumbly or fluffs everywhere. It creates a pretty, soft blurry look once it sits on the cheeks. The packaging itself is very sturdy, the lid is thick & doesn’t feel cheap. I would say this suit fairer or medium fair skin tone more. I’m usually a #23 for most Korean foundation / Sand shade when it comes to Western Foundation. If you have tanned skin, I personally think this will not look flattering but YMMV!

There are 5 different shades to choose from & it’s only $9.60 on Stylekorean! So affordable! I have no complaints. I’d definitely try other shades from Rom&nd Better Than Cheek blushes after this. So glad to have tried this shade out because now I know this shade suits me well and I don’t have to be doubtful anymore when I purchase blushes of a similar shade in the future.

Best Tints Edition – Best Cool Tints

When I say Rom&nd makes the best lippies, I really do mean it. In fact, I think the brand bloomed up in the makeup world because of their beautiful lip tints & lipsticks with gorgeous shades & finishing. I received their BEST COOL TINTS trio which comprises of Rom&nd’s best-selling cool tint minis. These minis are just too cute!

Swatch on hand and application on lips

Juicy Lasting Tint [#06 – Fig Fig]

This is a muted pink MLBB (my lips but better) shade & it happens to be my favourite shade in this lip kit! The shade is flattering on me & it’s light enough for everyday use. Some tints consistency can be tricky to work with, where it just sits in the inner lip leaving the outer part all naked (if you have used tints before, you’ll get what I mean) but this one spreads effortlessly on the lip! It coats well, doesn’t sit on dry, cracked lines & tastes very yummy too. The longevity isn’t the best so you definitely need to reapply after your meal. It doesn’t leave an after-tint once it wears off since the shade is quite light.

Juicy Lasting Tint [#12 Cherry Bomb]

This has a light cherry shade, leaning a little bit more on the darker shade. Sharing the same consistency as the first one, this is slightly darker as compared to Fig Fig, which can be a little trickier to spread evenly on the lips. Darker tints are usually tricker, in my opinion, as they tend to settle on the inner lips. This also has the same sweet yummy taste. Whilst the longevity isn’t the greatest, it leaves a nice pink tint on the lip once it wears off. This works well as an everyday shade too.

Zero Velvet Tint [07 – Fizz]

A bright cherry shade with a blue undertone. This is the brightest shade in the kit. It’s called Zero because it is so weightless on the lips that it feels as if you’ve applied ZERO lip products, which I totally agree with. It has a velvety smooth, whipped texture that only requires the littlest amount for my whole lip. Well, my lip is rather small, haha. It works better when spread with fingers as compared to the applicator as it picks up quite a lot of product. A little too much for my tiny lips. If you love hardcore longevity in a lip tint, baby, this is for you. The longevity is crazy. It lasts even after my meal but of course, it wears off a little (mostly on the inner part of the lip), leaving a light red tint on the lips. This shade is great for events, not much for daily use.

This kit is available for $21.60 on Stylekorean. It’s a great sampling size to see which colour suits your best & if you fall in love with one of the shades, they’re available individually in full-sized too! If you’re a fan of warm tone, fret not because they have a mini Best Warm Tints kit too. Seriously, they have everything laid out for you.


Also, I’m super stoked to announce that I was selected as the Best Reviewer for this review programme! You may click here to show me some support. Super thankful to be chosen, so thank you Stylekorean!

Here are the links to purchase each & every item reviewed above:

  • Rom&nd Better Than Eyes Eyeshadow – Buy Here
  • Rom&nd Better Than Cheek – Buy Here
  • Rom&nd Best Tints Edition – Buy Here

Disclaimer – these are affiliate links in collaboration with Stylekorean. I earn a small commission from your purchase when you click through this link. Do support me if you’d like & I truly appreciate every little support given to me!

Thank you for reading this far. If you have any questions, leave your comments down below or chat with me on my Instagram!

Till the next post! xx

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