Yeon Cafe

Yeon cafe, one of the newer cafes to open in Johor Bahru, is a quaintly decorated place serving delicious bakes and some savoury Korean eats.

Intrigued by their Instagram feed, we made plans to visit the place on a Friday afternoon for tea (this was before the second MCO lockdown!). When we arrived at the quietly tucked cafe in the older part of town, we were surprised to find that it was already bustling with people.

As the name would suggest, Korean inspired influences could be seen everywhere. In the cozy, minimalistic design of the place, the soft K-pop music being played as well as the food menu offered. *Stares out window, hoping to cross eyes with my Oppa*

Loved how nicely done the interior was, natural sunshine, comfy cushions & macrame table runners. Also, found it cute how each of their plants had individual names. Made friends with a friendly Daylan and Sweet Chloe who so happened to be chilling in a corner.

Their impressive cake display over by the counter had very interesting offerings, which all sounded really good. Think Chocolate Passion fruit cake, Strawberry Peanut Butter cake, Mochi muffins, Pistachio Rose cookies. Yummy!

After much contemplation, we decided to get two slices to share. We ordered their Cheesecake and Gin & Tonic cake.

Cheesecake (RM 15) was an interesting choice. The name itself didn’t specify what sort of cheesecake it was but I was intrigued because of the shape in which it was cut & the fact that it was out at room temperature. We were also quite curious as to what the bottom layer was made of. After a few bites and some hilarious guesses, we concluded that it was some sort of dense banana cake. Personally wasn’t fond of the gummy bottom layer which reminded me more of a kuih but I did enjoy the creamy cheesecake and crumble on top.

Gin & Tonic cake (RM19). Light and not too sweet, you could taste the slight bitterness from the alcohol. Not overly boozy at all, but not exactly mind blowing. It is still a lovely cake to have with a cup of coffee.

Yeon cafe also offers a small menu of Korean inspired dishes such as kimbap, bulgogi sandwiches & tteokboki.

Staff here were exceptionally nice, offering to help take our pictures and assisting us in switching tables.

All in all, a lovely place for cakes and a cup of tea with some friends, but perhaps during less busy hours. Would definitely be back to try the rest of their menu, and to check out the self-painting sessions they have.

Yeon Cafe

12, Jalan Perang, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru, Johor

Opening Hours:
SUN-THURS 11am-6pm
FRI-SAT 11am-8pm
TUES closed

Yeon cafe Facebook

Yeon cafe Instagram

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