2022 reflections – 22 questions to get you started on your 2023 goals

On the 31st Dec 2022, I stumbled across a podcast from BFM under their Raise Your Game segment which shared 22 thought provoking questions to review your 2022.

I’ve always find reflecting very useful to help me see what areas I can improve on, am I still on track for what I was trying to achieve. But when I don’t have effective prompts, reflections tend to be unstructured or I may not dig deep enough. Which is why when I find a list of questions that makes sense, I’ve got to try it.

Source: (All rights go to BFM)

In the interview, the Coach mentioned something interesting – that these questions can be used time and time again because the answers are always going to be different. So here are the 22 questions:

  1. What were your top 5 goals in 2022 and how much in terms of percentage did you achieve?
  2. What were your top 10 achievements in 2022?
  3. What were your top 5 painful lessons did you learn?
  4. What were the top 5 things you got right in 2022?
  5. What was the biggest risk you took in 2022?
  6. What was the smartest decisions you made ?
  7. Which 3 important relationships improved the most?
  8. What were the 1-3 things you did that made the relationship improve?
  9. Name 3 people with the greatest impact on you in 2022
  10. Who are the 5 people you spend the most time with in 2022?
  11. What are the 1-3 positive/negative influences did they each have on you?
  12. What were the 5 best books I read in 2022?
  13. What are 5 things you are most grateful for in 2022?
  14. What one word sums up your entire 2022?
  15. What are the 5 biggest necessary endings, for 2023 to be your best year ever?
  16. What are the 5 powerful habits that you must develop in 2023?
  17. What 5 books and courses that you will attend in 2023 that will guarantee you massive breakthroughs in work & life?
  18. What are your top 3-10 goals in 2023?
  19. Why are these goals important to you? List down you reasons for each?
  20. What is the price you must pay to achieve those goals?
  21. What are your top 5 strategies for each goals that guarantees you achieving it?
  22. What is the one word that will be your theme for 2023?

I found that some questions had overlapping answers but overall it was easy to weed out a recurring theme of the year and how it really panned out.
There were some questions that were extra hard hitting like Question 10 and 11, which forced me to take a hard look and be aware of who am I spending the most of my energy on. And Question 3 had me reflecting on all of the times I have felt down and upset, tying in with Question 15 on how I need to actively stop them.

Some of the questions also tackled the ‘How’ because we can aspire to do many many things but it’s the habits that we are willing to create that makes all the difference. It took me a few hours to wrap them all up but given it’s an annual exercise I think it’s one worth doing.

If you have yet to do your reflections for the year and are looking for one – enjoy


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