10 of my Favourite Female Youtubers

I realised that I subscribe to quite a few female youtubers.

At first I wondered if it’s because they cover content that are stereotypically more ‘feminine’, but I realised that’s not entirely true. I think maybe it’s more due to the shared experiences as a woman that makes the more relatable and sometimes they just have a really kick ass personality and amazing content.

So today I wanted to list of my favourite female youtubers because I think they are worth checking out!
Listed in no particular order 🙂

PS: This is not intended to be a sexist post so don’t take it the wrong way.

Jenn Im | Vlog, Lifestyle, Food, Books

Jenn exudes wise older sister vibes. Her content covers a wide variety from fashion to books that she reads, to food that she eats, to vlogs – she is one of those youtubers you watch because you love her personality. I think I first stumbled upon her channel when I saw her and husband, Ben on Jubilee and loved their interaction! She is extremely authentic and introspective, I often find myself learning through her self reflections that she so willingly shares with us.

Other notable videos:

Safiya Nyagaard | Beauty & Makeup Science, Fashion

Okay…the list is not organised by any order but..Safiya is my favourite! haha there! I said it. You may recognise her from her Buzzfeed days but since she has left she has made a name for herself – her videos often includes buying questionable fashion items and trying them out and styling them, making Franken <insertsnamehere> eg. combining every bath bomb, lipstick, cake. You name it. The most interesting part of her videos are that she would often give you a brief history of the item and she would categorise every single one of them. It’s just so oddly satisfying to watch and I’m always curious to see the final result. She also does these experiments with her husbands and they are always having a laugh that it almost feels like we are all friends hanging out, just separated by a screen.

They have recently launched a second channel called Safiya & Tyler which are live stream videos of them trying out the randomest things. How are they this creative. I lav it.

Other notable videos:

Shelby Church | Tech, Property & lifestyle

I think at the moment I watch Shelby the most. Simply because she is always posting regularly and her channel has really interesting content. She does tech reviews of the latest products, she deep dives into how some business models work and how much they make and she also has another channel where she vlogs and even though it’s just going another her day, I really enjoy watching it. She also has a twin sister – Monica Church. She also makes really good youtube videos but has recently become a full time property agent so her content has shifted but would recommend checking her out too! So, they bought a house together in Palm Springs and I was sooooo invested in watching the renovation updates. There is just something oddly satisfying about watching the trials and tribulations of renovating a space and watching how it turns out in the end.

Other notable videos:

Bestdressed | Fashion, House Makeovers, Lifestyle

Bestdressed is one of those youtubers that is unapologetically her. She talks fast, she makes self deprecating jokes even though she seems to be a master at all things, she is that funny and relatable friend we all love. I think I found her channel years ago through the magic of the youtube algorithm when she was sharing helpful editing videos and boy her videos are always entertaining and informative as she shares either how to style clothing, hacks on how to make things look aesthetic, how to edit videos and photos, how to thrift flip. You name it. Her videos are also really well edited and aesthetically pleasing. She has however been away from youtube for a while due to her own mental health struggles but I hope she will be back soon! :/

Other notable videos:

Michelle Khare | Challenge Accepted

Michelle takes challenge accepted videos to a whole new level. She is physically and mentally strong and is always putting herself beyond her comfort zone to try out challenges like training for actual academies (Fire, Nasa, FBI etc – you name it). Through her videos, you get to learn what it takes to be one of these trained professionals and increases your appreciation for these professions!

Other notable videos:

Pick Up Limes | Vegan, Recipes and Wellness

I love this channel – Sadia’s videos are so calming and wholesome – the food is mouth watering, beautiful plating and her voice is every podcast listener’s dream! Even if you don’t cook, you would love watching her videos because they are so beautifully edited, you feel like you are watching a professionally shot Cooking show. Because of her wide array of recipes, this is a must subscribe to channel for all those embarking on their plant based journey 🙂

Other notable videos:

Anna Akana | Life, Comedy, Skits

The running joke in the community is ‘Anna goes to therapy so you don’t have to’. Her videos tackles behavioural psychology – on dating, friendship, life – the nuggets of wisdoms either from books she has read, conversations with her therapist and her own personal experiences. In fact, it was through her video that I discovered the book – Unf*ck your boundaries (key takeaways here) which was an eye opening read. She explores these various themes mainly through skits which mostly hit the nail on the head for me.

Other notable videos:

Chloe Ting | Fitness

Never underestimate the power of pilates and bodyweight workouts! Chloe Ting’s workouts are guaranteed to work up a sweat, burn some fats and build some muscles! Because she has so many videos between 10-15mins, I often watch her videos to supplement my existing workout. I used to watch more of blogilates but over the years have started watching more of Chloe Ting’s workouts for more of a burn 🙂

Other notable videos:

Haegreendal | Life, Wellness, Food

If you are having a stressful day, need to unwind – just watch Haegreendal’s videos! It’s sure to wash the stress away. There is something so therapeutic about watching her clean – watching her clean her space and care for her kids. Her videos feel like a cosy hug after a long day. It’s also beautifully shot in multiple angles, reeling you in as if you are just right there with her. You could be watching her for 15 mins and time will just breeze pass you. In her videos, she also shares her daily musings about life, emphasing on the little things in life ❤

Other notable videos:

Honourable Mention: Jenna Marbles | Comedy, Challenges, Dogs

Jenna Marbles needs no introduction. Even though she has left youtube indefinitely…she is still one of my favourite youtubers! She was one of those OG youtubers that I have watched since Day 1 being on Youtube – her, Michelle Phan, Niga Higa, Kevin Wu. Ahhh the good old times. She used to post really funny parody videos but as the years go by, her content has slowly evolved to the most wholesome content on Youtube – with random features of her dogs and her trying out the randomest things with her boyfriend. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, she is the best dog mum I ever know and it’s truly sad the way she ended up leaving Youtube…but nevertheless, she has provided so many good content over the years that her videos never get old 🙂

Other notable videos:

Hope you enjoyed the list and found some interesting new channels to follow 🙂

See you in the next one! xx


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