Plant Based Burger Review : Linda McCartney Foods

I’m back to review another Plant Based Meat – this time from Linda McCartney Foods, a 30 year old UK based brand specialising in vegetarian and vegan food – they claim their product range is 78% vegan friendly. Today, the burger patty I will be reviewing is a vegetarian one because it’s a Vegetarian Mozzarella Quarter Pound Burger.

A bit of background – the late Linda McCartney is an animal rights activist and actually the wife of famous Beatles member, Paul McCartney and mother of fashion designer, Stella McCartney. With her passing in 1998, her legacy lives on through her plant based brand, where the family still plays an active involvement in its development but it’s ultimately owned by the American Food and Personal care company; The Hain Celestial Group, Inc.

They offer a pretty wide range of plant based products in the chilled/frozen category such as burgers, sausages, meatballs, pork pao bun kit, ‘chicken pieces’ – most of which are available in Jaya Grocer, Starling Mall (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia).

I was pretty surprised at how competitively priced they are ! Considering that it’s actually imported. The prices for the products range from RM12.90 – RM13.90. The one I purchased – for 227g – 2 burger patties, it cost me only RM13.50! Which is on par with another local Malaysian brand (Pacific Greens) that I have reviewed before previously and a lot more affordable than the likes of Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat.

Taking a look at its ingredients, it’s primary protein ingredient is soya (65%). And because this is version with Mozarella, it also comprises of 9% mozzarella cheese. There is another option available, without the cheese if that’s what you prefer.

As usual, to put it to the taste test, let’s whip up a simple recipe! So today I will be making a simple kimchi burger! I was inspired by a Kimchi grilled cheese sandwich I saw from JunandTonic’s blog.

  • Vegetarian Patty
  • Kimchi, squeezed dry – 1 to 2 tbsp
  • Burger bun (cut into half)
  • Onions
  • Butter
  • Olive Oil
  • Gochujang ie. korean hot pepper paste (half a tbsp) – optional (I only added it to the Kimchi to make it thicker and more flavourful and spicier)
  • Baby spinach – optional (just 5-7 pieces; i added only for more greens)
Step by Step guide:
  1. Cut the buns into half, spread some butter and lightly grill it on the pan until the butter is melted
  2. Drain the kimchi of excess liquid using a colander then mix it with the Gochujang Sauce
  3. Lightly stir fry it on the pan to heat it up and remove excess water
  4. Chop up just a little bit of onions and fry it till brown with olive oil
  5. Fry the Burger patty on low to medium heat, pressing on the patty to ensure it’s cooked through and turning regularly. Fry for about 10min-15mins or till brown.

And assemble!

My stacking order between the buns are spinach >> patty >> kimchi paste.

Despite the packaging instruction saying that I should fry it for about 18-20minutes, I realised the patty browned really quickly and has a higher liquid content. Maybe cause I was cooking it on medium heat? The texture prior to frying it, was stickier, not sure it’s due to its dairy content? I was so afraid I’d break the patty into two before I even started cooking.

Taste wise, I LOVE IT. It’s so juicy. I think the cheese component made it taste more rich. And the combination of Kimchi with the meat and spinahc is chef’s kiss* if I do say so myself. Though because Kimchi has a more umami to salty flavour + the patty, I do think the burger can taste a little salty for some. But nothing a can of beer can’t solve 😉

Overall, I think it’s affordable and of great quality! Would recommend and definitely repurchase 🙂

It’s available in Jaya Grocer stores near you and I noticed Happy fresh sells it too.

Hope you can give it a try! 🙂


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