Plant Based Burger Review : Pacific Greens

I’ve been looking out for more plant based meat substitutes as a way to spice up my cooking. My current diet is about 80% plant based anyways so I figured I’d hop on the bandwagon and check out if it’s worth the hype.

I was shopping at Jaya Grocer, Starling Mall (PJ, Malaysia) when I came across Pacific Green’s Plant-based Wholly Burger. The first thing that caught my attention was it was priced pretty competitively at approx RM15 for 245g of meat (2 patties). This is cheaper compared to its competitors such as Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat which would typically cost double of that. (Eg. Impossible Meat Burgers cost about RM52 for 340g and Beyond Meat about RM26 for 227g).

Upon further research I realised that this is actually launched by a local Malaysian brand! Pacific Greens is the sister brand of an established local seafood brand – Pacific West by a Penang based seafood company, Golden Fresh. Under their plant based umbrella, they also offer plant based crispy burgers and fishless fingers. I really wish I could try them but all of them requires either an oven or air fryer 😦 so I will once I buy myself an air-fryer so stay tuned!

It has pretty simple cooking instructions – I opted to pan fry with garlic and oil. The patty had to be cooked between 9 -11 minutes or until cooked, over medium temperature. I realised mine took a little under 9 mins. I flipped it occasionally and it was cooked through very easily despite it’s thickness. I lifted it once it had a nice brown finish to it. This is only my second time frying burger patties and if an inexperienced cook like me could do it, I’m pretty sure any one could do it haha but I will experiment with my second patty to cook it a little longer, maybe for a crispier aftertaste.

Taste wise – I LOVE IT. It’s extremely juicy and flavourful. It didn’t try hard to be ‘meat’ with no traces of artificial ‘blood’. Texture wise I think it’s a little softer (and moist?) compared to chicken patties, but I preferred it that way. It certainly felt meat-like to me!

I know it doesn’t look particularly aesthetic since I did not have any hamburger buns so I made a sandwich instead, and I whipped this up as a quick dinner but it tasted REALLY good. It goes to show sometimes your food may not look the best but can really taste delicious.

I will share my recipe if you are keen on spending just 15 mins on a quick dinner:

  • 2 wholemeal toast breads
  • 2 scrambled eggs + pepper
  • 3 Sliced cherry tomatoes
  • Spinach
  • 1 slice of cheese
  • Pesto paste as a spread
  • Plant-based patty (fried with garlic)

and tadaa! A fast, filling, delicious and affordable meal! Since the patty cost about RM8 + with the other ingredients, I think it is still much cheaper than buying a plant based burger from a restaurant. So it’s worth considering if you are looking for budget friendly options 🙂

Available at :

  • Jaya Grocer, KL & Selangor


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