What I learned from Moving Houses | Lessons & Tips

So I'm finally moving! I've been renting a place for quite some time, and I'm excited for the next chapter of my life. I know most of the advice online recommends you hire a mover to ease the process...but I chose to Do-It-Myself. lol Partly because: I want to save moneyI need to declutter and… Continue reading What I learned from Moving Houses | Lessons & Tips

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Invest in the Emotional Bank

I'm currently reading Stephen Covey's famous book - the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and one particular concept stood out to me - The Emotional Bank. We all know what a financial bank is. We regularly make deposits and withdrawal of cash.Similarly, with an emotional bank, we make deposits and withdrawals too - but… Continue reading Invest in the Emotional Bank


Plant Based Meat Review : Phuture Meat

Today, I'll be trying another plant based meat by Phuture Meat. Phuture Meat, is another Malaysian born Plant Based Food start up, with its flagship product being the first Halal Certified Plant Based Pork Meat in Asia! Being Halal Certified means it's a stamp of approval, indicating the product is in adherence to Islamic Laws… Continue reading Plant Based Meat Review : Phuture Meat