What I learned from Moving Houses | Lessons & Tips

So I’m finally moving! I’ve been renting a place for quite some time, and I’m excited for the next chapter of my life.

I know most of the advice online recommends you hire a mover to ease the process…but I chose to Do-It-Myself. lol

Partly because:

  1. I want to save money
  2. I need to declutter and pack up everything on my own anyways
  3. My friends offered to pick some stuff up for me on one big moving day

HOWEVER, I think this is the first and last time I’d DIY mainly because I’m getting too old to be lifting things up and down on my own (and so are my friends and Overexertion is a real thing). So, after all is said and done, today I’ll share some lessons and tips I’ve learned throughout the process of moving by myself:

1. Moving day doesn’t have to be one single day

I learned that moving is extremely overwhelming, so I essentially had a moving week. I was fortunate enough to be offered a rental free week by my new landlord so I could progressively move all of my stuff rather than doing everything at one go. I find that this is extremely helpful because:

  • I can clean as I declutter and unpack once I’ve moved the stuff, into it’s new spot in the new home
  • It’s less stressful and tiring to do it all at one go
  • You are less likely to miss anything out
2. You can use a trash bag to move your clothes on a hanger

I learned that I have way too many clothes. How can I have so much yet so little to wear? Nevertheless, I love this hack. I was extremely resistant to remove all of my clothes from the hanger, fold them and move them and then I stumbled upon this video. Essentially, all you have to do is batch them into maybe 4-5 hangers, tape the head of the hangers together. Now take a rubbish bag, invert it and make a hole and cover your clothing (watch the video for a visual explanation). Walla! You have your own makeshift clothes protector. It took me less than 5 mins to unpack my clothes. 10/10 would recommend.

3. You can use your clothes to protect your fragile items

Want to pack up all of your tableware but don’t have enough bubble wrap? Repurpose your clothes instead! So what I did was, I took my thicker clothing and wrapped up all of my cups and plates with them and arranged them nicely.

Bonus tip : Pack them into your luggage bag so you can drag them around. It’s less prone to breakage and it’s lighter. You can always secure the base of the bag with more clothing to ensure they aren’t knocking against one another.

4. You should categorise your belongings by space as you pack

I think most of the time we definitely pack and categorise by the type of things we have eg. all skincare together, all kitchenware together, but I implore you to take it a step further by categorising it by space. What I mean by that is what items would you likely unpack and display in your living room? What Items are okay to remind in boxes and tucked away into the new space such as supplies? This time around I packed by space which means all of the stuff which I don’t intend to use often by might in the future are what I labeled as ‘Supplies’. I have neatly organised them in a box and upon arriving at my new space, I just moved the entire box into my new storage unit. No need to unpack separately!

This also means, when you start decluttering and packing, take it by rooms. Maybe start with the bedroom, then move to the kitchen, then to the fridge and so forth.

5. You can use WD-40 to remove old blue tac from walls

This is an extremely specific advice for all you who like to stick stuff up on walls to jazz up your room like the young me did but then realised later on, oh-crap-the-blue-tac-has-dried-up-but-you-have-to-restore-the-walls. Let me introduce to you WD-40. A MUST HAVE FOR EVERY HOUSEHOLD. I never knew about how versatile it really is but I came across a really good tutorial which I have linked above. It worked like absolute magic. It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s great. One or two sprays, and scrub it off with like a piece of paper and walla! it’s done!

Other tips that I have used but I think are also widely mentioned on the internet includes:

  • Declutter – the golden rule of moving houses – don’t bring along what you don’t need and want to your new space
  • Make a list of things I need for the new space but don’t have at the moment – since you are combing through all of your belongings, you are actually able to take stock of what you truly need in your new space that you don’t yet have/need to stock up on
  • Start as early as possible – honestly packing and decluttering took way longer than I expected. I think it took me a couple of weeks to make sure I striked a right balance between living in boxes, throwing stuff out/ taking them to the recycling centre and getting all packed up
  • Pack an ‘essentials’ bag – this is for all of the items you need for your final week at your old place, just so you don’t have to be digging out of sealed boxes – this includes the clothes you have to wear, your minimal bathroom and skincare supplies
  • Meal prep based on your leftover groceries – I am currently only making meals based on my leftover groceries, so I can fully exhaust them and I have some tinned food in case I run out. This is just for the final leg of the move!

That’s all from me. If you are planning a move, good luck!

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