Top 5 Things to buy from Hellojunghana Shopee

There are thousands, literally THOUSANDS of K-Beauty stores easily available for us to shop online. With just a tap/click of the mouse, you’ll have your products delivered right to your doorstep in just less than a week, or 24 hours even! Talk about convenience at your fingertips eh?

When it comes to online shopping, what are your concerns? Here’s mine:

  • Genuine Products – yes, there can be counterfeit skincare products too. It’s hard to tell the difference unless you’ve personallly tried the original product before or did some thorough search online
  • Price – hi! I am that consumer that can scroll for days to get the cheapest price for the product I want, ensuring the shop has vouchers for me to save extra bucks, free shipping voucher must be included too AND preferably a shop tied to Shopback so I can get extra cashback too. Hehe. Call me cheapskate or a voucher-hunter-aunty but I am proud to be a smart consumer. It’s okay if you have worked hard for the money so you don’t have to hunt for vouchers! You do you 🙂
  • Shipping Process – who doesn’t love a hassle-free & fast shipping process?

Taking all the above points into consideration, I’ll be sharing with you my top online shopping websites series (Tag: #ShopWithGudeiary) that I basically purchased many times from! Carrying genuine products with great pricing, hassle-free shipping & friendly admin team? You’ll see me there lining up at their “e-door”!

Today, I’ll be talking about HELLOJUNGHANA, which is one of my favourite shops on Shopee to stock up on my KBeauty products. I am an affiliate of HelloJunghana but rest assured that my thoughts & reviews are based on my own experience.

Affiliate Code
Use code HELLGDRY to get 10% OFF your total shopping card. No minimum spend!

1. Axis Y Correcting Glow Serum

This has got to be one of my favourite go-to morning serum that is packed with all the ingredients I love – niacinamide & squalane. Besides providing a nice cloak of hydration on my skin without feeling too greasy, this has helped to lighten the hyperpigmentation on my cheeks. This is on par with my holy grail Phyto Niacin Essence by Nacific. Read my full review here.

Price: RM58/50ml
Link: Buy Here

2. Axis Y Gel Mask

Yet another Axis-Y product? Yes, your girl here is head over heels with this brand. Launched in April 2021, this beautiful cooling gel mask has quickly become a staple in many beauty enthusiast’s skincare routines. Suitable for most skin types, this wash-off mask instantly brightens my skin’s complexion, super cooling upon application, leaving my skin supple & soft. Read my full reviews here.

Price: RM55/100ml
Link: Buy Here

3. Axis Y Mugwort Mask

Karen, another Axis-Y, really? Y?? Lol. They just have great products at affordable prices! Haha. I’ve mentioned about this mask quite a lot on my blog and Instagram account, so I’ll just leave the review here and here. Conclusion – just try this!

Price: RM55/100ml
Link: Buy Here

4. Lessential Triple Cream

One of the weirdest-textured moisturiser I’ve ever tried, the L’essential Triple Cream has won a place in my heart for its lightweight gel texture that provides a burst of hydration for my skin. It leaves no stickiness behind & absorbs pretty fast too! This ticks all the boxes I look for in my morning gel moisturiser. Read my full review here.

Price: RM30/20ml (50ml is currently out of stock)
Link: Buy Here

5. Lessential Rhiodola Cream

Luxurious & creamy, this rich moisturiser cream surprisingly works well on my oily skin. I love how the richness simplifies my routine on lazy days but this is definitely not something I would use daily. I usually reach for this when my skin feels drier or after chemical exfoliation. Read more on my review here.

Price: RM70/80ml
Link: Buy Here

I hope you find these recommendations helpful. Till the next post! xx


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