My Favourite Finance Youtube Channels

I love Youtube.

You can learn about anything and everything these days from Youtube, and Finance included. Finance has long been viewed as a boring subject, so it’s interesting to see that now Finance channels are becoming more popular on Youtube. Even non finance youtube channels are now making financial content! From what I make in a day, to what I spend on, or investing for beginners. It’s great to see that being financially literate is now trendy.

Most of the finance content creators have their own spin to the way they break down Financial concepts and latest financial news. With so many to choose from, you are bound to find someone you like learning from.

So here are my favourite finance youtube channels:


1. Graham Stephan

From the King of Finance on Youtube himself, Graham Stephan. Graham is famous for being extremely frugal despite being a millionaire and very transparent with his money. In his Main channel he mainly explains latest stock trends, how-tos, money habits and credit card reviews.

He also has other channels – the Graham Stephan Show : a reaction video channel; much more light hearted where he reviews mostly other people’s spending and financial related videos, The Iced Coffee Hour: A podcast video channel where he interviews many youtubers/people to talk about money and business and recently a vlog channel : Stefamily.

What really stands out about him is actually his personality, he comes across very humble and direct. He is all about the hustle and spreading financial literacy and he is also really engaging with his audience. He has also been very upfront about how the Youtube algorithm works (always telling us to smash the like button for the Youtube Algorithm) and it feels like a really close knit community.

Other notable videos:

2. Two Cents

Two Cents is an educational show on personal finance, hosted by a likeable married couple : Julia and Philip who is a Certified Financial Planner. I remember the all mighty Youtube Algorithm recommended me their channel when they had only 60k subs and I felt they were so underrated!

They explain many financial concepts in an easy to understand, fun and engaging way. Unlike Graham Stephan, their focus is more on Investing basics and behavioural finance, which I think would appeal to an audience who isn’t all hungry to grow their wealth but just understand more about the financial impact of their daily decisions. They utilise a lot of animation, simple numbers calculations to help make sense of the topic at hand. I actually think if this was taught at school, more people would be interested in Finance.

Other notable videos:

3. Andrei Jikh

Mostly teased as Graham Stephan 2.0, I think Andrei Jikh has a very different style compared to Graham! Andrei used to be a Cardist (ie. someone who does cool card tricks) who worked on Now You See Me 2! He has really made a mark for himself in the Finance space on the internet. Andrei covers most of the topics Graham does as well but he leans more towards cryptocurrencies. He has a really clear way of describing something with magic tricks and visually clear graphics.

He has marked himself as quite the cryptocurrency enthusiast – you can find various videos on all sorts of updates on Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Cardano etc.

Other notable videos:


  1. My Kaya Plus

My Kaya Plus is known for their ‘Not-so-late-night-show’ segment where they cover the analysis of various Malaysian companies for an hour. It’s a great way to get an overview on the company’s background, management, financials and also hear out their insights and takes on the industry and business model. I think this segment is hugely underrated because not only is it comprehensive, easy to understand but it’s a great starting point especially for beginner investors. I think they used to produce more generic financial content like ‘How to Invest’, 10 things you need to know etc but I notice for the past (almost) one year, they have pivoted their content to focus on company deep dives.

So if you are looking to understand more Malaysian stocks, My Kaya Plus is definitely a Youtube Channel worth checking out. They also run a blog if you prefer reading 🙂

2. Mr Money TV

Arguably, one of the most popular Financial Edutainment Youtube Channels in Malaysia – Mr Money TV is a great Youtube channel for all Malaysian Investors. I actually discovered them back when they had only 20k subscribers and their popularity has really skyrocketed after a year to 67.5k (at this time of writing), and it’s for good reason. Their content ranges from short videos highlighting stocks that you should look out for in some industries, to how to manage your money and investments and weekly streams on the Malaysian Investing landscape and how the latest news impacts the market.

There is definitely something for you. Mr Money TV also has a huge community so one of the great things about joining the live stream is that you also get access to a group of passionate investors, sharing their two cents on the market. And it’s just a really robust conversation.


FIRL ( Finance in Real Life) are investing coaches. Their content focuses on financial literacy to help others level up their wealth through stocks. FIRL’s content is a combination between Mr Money TV’s and My Kaya Plus – covering quick stock analysis and also general investing tips and tricks, but with their own spin on it. I particularly enjoy the way they explain many topics – it’s very clear, succinct and gives you much to mull over.

They used to collaborate with Mr Money TV and my favourite was those livestreams but unfortunately it doesn’t happen any more. But they do run their own podcast now if you are interested. 🙂

Hope you found some new Financial content and videos to follow in your financial journey.

Enjoy! 🙂


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