One Brand Review – One Thing Skincare

There are so many new and upcoming K-Beauty brands in the market but one particular brand that caught my attention (and love) is One Thing.

About the Brand

Made in Korea, One Thing eliminates unnecessary costs in formulating their skincare & uses only one key ingredient for each of their products, 100% plant-based without adding any chemical additives & eliminates any unnecessary ingredients. All of their products are fragrance-free & cruelty-free. The brand’s vision is pretty much reflected on the brand’s name – ONE THING 🤯

How did I discover the Brand?

Honestly, this brand did not appear on my radar until they sent me one of their best-selling product about a year ago. From then on, I started reading more about the brand and immediately fell in love with their philosophy & product options. The packaging is simple yet attractive & the pricing is just right. Because each of their products is made with 1 ingredient only, you can mix and match the essences together and create a concoction that best suits your skin. You can also decant this into a spray bottle & use it as a facial spray or scalp spray.


Please bear in mind that upcoming products featured are all sent to me by the brand (except for lip essence) however, all opinions are my own and unbiased. Thank you.

One Thing – Houttuynia Cordota Extract

An ingredient that is definitely not pronunciation-friendly, haha. This ingredient was quite a stranger back in 2020 but has gotten more attention in 2021. Took me a while to remember the spelling & honestly, this reminded me a lot like a spell’s name from Hogwarts. Okay, ramblings aside, let’s dive into the beauty of houttuynia cordota extract


  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Packed with antioxidants
  • Soothing & calming
  • Also helps with scalp care
  • Boosts skin’s elasticity


Dark brown in colour & feels exactly like water but once it touches the skin, it provides a decent amount of hydration for my skin (I have oily skin living in a hot & humid country). Doesn’t dry the skin out. However, this alone is not enough, of course, so I usually follow up with serum and a light moisturiser.


It smells like tea leaves! The Asian in me loves the scent but it might not be for everyone. I find the scent to be therapeutic which makes this a great toner/essence to start my day 🙂

My Experience

I use this solely as my morning toner & I don’t mix it with anything else. This does a nice job refreshing my skin every morning & like I mentioned, the herbal scent is such a bonus. If you follow my Instagram account long enough, you’ll know that I suffered from fungal acne back in 2018 & 2019 that itches the heck out of my cheeks area (which I later found out that I’m actually allergic to heavily fermented skincare ingredients). This couldn’t come at a better timing because I kid you not, this cured my stubborn fungal acne problem :’) *happy tears*. It stopped new fungal acne to form, thanks to its anti-bacterial/anti-microbial properties. This is the one product I always go back to whenever my skin feels itchy/irritated.

Recommended To

All Skin Type / Fungal-Acne / Troubled or Irritated Skin


Available in two sizes (150ml for RM43 / 300ml for RM63) on One Thing’s official Shopee account. I’ve emptied the first bottle they sent to me and got myself the bigger one recently because I just love this ingredient!

One Thing – Artemisia Capillaris Extract

Artemisia, commonly known as Mugwort, is not a stranger in the skincare world, especially in K-Beauty. This famous ingredient has been used in many products to primarily aid inflamed, irritated skin & reduce redness on the skin. As usual, you can also be your own skincare bartender and mix this with other extracts to create your own skincare concoction.


  • Diminishes redness
  • Reduce skin’s sensitivity
  • Improve skin tone & scars
  • Strengthen skin barrier
  • Soothing & calming


Similar to the Houttuynia Cordota extract, this shares the same earthy-brown colour and feels like water on the skin. It provides lesser hydration as compared to the latter, in my personal opinion. This also did not dry out my skin.


If you are familiar with incorporating mugwort ingredient in your skincare routine, I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with the scent by now. Mugwort has a more pungent-earthy smell as compared to many ingredients out there and this one definitely lives up to the definition of how mugwort smells, most likely due to its 100% mugwort content. I had no issue with it as I like herbal-scented products, but something you want to take note of.

My Experience

Similar to Houttuynia Cordota, I use with on its own as a toner. However, I notice this works better for my skin at night rather than in the morning. The reason being is that because it helps with redness & irritation, this helps to soothe my skin better after all the makeup cleansing, exfoliation and whatnot. My skin doesn’t appear red in the morning, so I couldn’t see its effectiveness there. However, it works wonders in reducing redness around my nose & cheeks area whenever I use this baby.

Recommended to

Inflamed / Sensitive Skin


Available in two sizes (150ml for RM43 / 300ml for RM63) on One Thing’s official Shopee account.

One Thing – Moisturizing Lip Essence

My sister’s lip was cracking really bad so I got this for her as a small Christmas present for her last year. Infused with highly-moisturising plant-based organic oils such as jojoba oil, argan oil & olive oil. This healed her tremendously & safe to say that her chapped, Sahara-looking lip looks much better now. It doesn’t feel sticky on the lips & keeps it well-moisturised for a long time. She loved it so much that she bought another tube because she emptied the one I gave her in just two months?


All in all, I’m so thankful to be given the opportunity to test out this brand during its official launch in Malaysia last year. It definitely deserves the hype, if not, this brand should be more well-loved in the skincare community. Simple, straightforward with no BS. Would I recommend it? Definitely a YES!

Thanks for reading xx

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