Gala House x Wonder Penguin Review

Coffee, Chills & Wheels

If you’re an avid fan of cycling, coffee, cakes & healthy food/snacks – Gala House is the place to be!

Gala House al-fresco coffee & snacks bar

Remember the ol’ rustic Gala House cafe in the heart of Georgetown? It has now become a hot spot for many cyclists in Penang as a one-stop coffee & healthy snacks pick-me-up cafe! Tucked at the back of the cafe is a small bicycle workshop where one can get their bicycle fixed/modified. Cool, isn’t it? I think this is the first cafe with an attached bike workshop in Penang that I’ve known.

Gala House is one of the few cafes in Penang which offers a healthy and special selection of plant based milks such as Almond and Soy milk as milk replacements. Their signatures include the Signature Almond Cafe Latte, Belgian Chocolate Soy Latte and Nutmeg Soda.


We ordered our food at the counter, headed up to the second floor & were greeted with the coziest ambience paired with minimalist rustic Penang elements, featuring cute rattan chairs & round wooden tables.

My favourite nook by the window

The rattan chairs reminded me so much of my high school days where I would sit & do my homework all night & cry in them when I can’t finish my maths homework lol. Bittersweet memories.

Left – Burnt Cheesecake | Right – Matcha Cheesecake
RM8 each

I personally love their homebaked cheese cakes. Very rich, dense & packed with all the right cheesy flavours at every bite. I’m usually not a fan of matcha cakes as it can be quite bitter, but this one is an exception.

Americano & Quiche

Front – Chicken Quiche | Back – Vegetarian Quiche
RM12 each

I was craving for some savoury bites & these quiches hit the right spot! Both chicken & vegetarian quiches are baked with a generous amount of minced chicken & vegetables. Exactly like how you would do it if you’re making it for yourself at home – THROW IN ALL THE INGREDIENTS!

If you love rich chocolate drinks, their Belgium Chocolate with Almond Milk is the one. I personally love the hot one rather than the cold as the ice dilutes its richness. It was so delicious, felt like Christmas at every sip. My friend is a huge fan of the Almond Cafe Latte because of how well the Almond milk complements the taste of the coffee – rich, full of body but not too heavy.

They also house Wonder Penguin‘s range of products and we bought ourselves a couple of items back! If you don’t already know, Wonder Penguin offers plant-based, healthy superfood using all-natural super nuts, seeds & grains. Your girl here is a fan of their homemade Almond Butter & Wonder Muesli while the other half loves their Wonder Bar.

To order, just visit their website or DM their Instagram page! They’re currently offering 20% off till end of May, so what better time to stock up than now, amirite?

Gala House, Penang

Muntri Street, Georgetown, Penang

Operation Hours
8am – 5pm (Tuesday – Sunday)

Social Media

Thanks for reading! xx


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