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Lapo? @JOHO HQ

Meaning “Hungry?” in the local Malay slang, this place is somewhere you’d definitely want to drop by if ever you’re feeling those familiar stomach grumbles.

Lapo? Is a cafe set up  by local design company, Joho HQ at its premises in Stulang Darat near town.  An interesting concept, they bring in food vendors from all over the Gram and allow you to dine in a charming picnic setting. It is basically your favourite roadside Makcik kuih stall made Instagrammable!

The cafe itself where you order is housed in a little hut with a calming wooden & white interior. You place your order at the counter, collect your food and pick a space from the many picnic benches set up across their spacious lawn. Fell in love with their eye for aesthetics.

You’ll have an array of delicious local fare to choose from such as Nasi Ambeng, Bakso, Laksa Johor, Bubur paru, nasi lemak, a variety of kuih-muih & so much more . There are even choices for some Western bites (quiches!) and viral cakes (Lotus biscoff!) on display. So do make sure you come hungry !

We had their mee siam, bubur ayam, kuih ketayap, a slice of orange citrus bundt cake and a hot Milo to share. Can’t get better than that for a hearty Malaysian breakfast! Apart from the slightly diluted drink, everything we had was delicious tbh. Which is sometimes not always the case for such businesses with multiple food vendors. Goes to show that they screen through their food suppliers quite well. No complaints here !

Loved their outdoor seating concept. We went early in the morning so we could still enjoy the cool air from the rainstorm the night before. This is quite a popular place as we saw families with kids in their PJs, groups of friends and cyclists post exercise slowly trickle in as the morning extended. So would recommend to visit early to avoid the crowd (times during the fasting month may differ) & of course, the Malaysian heat.

A lovely, wholesome place for breakfast on a chill morning with good company. The best things in life are quite simple.

Lapo? @JOHO HQ

Stulang Darat, 80300 Johor Bahru, Johor

Opening Times:
7am-6pm. Closed on Mondays
Note: Operating time for the month of Ramadhan has been changed to 3pm-10pm

Lapo? Instagram

Lapo? Website


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