Review – Benton Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel

What crosses your mind when you see the word “aloe” in your skin care? Soothing, of course! Aloe has been used as a soothing property to treat burnt skin and sensitive skin for many generations. It’s famous for it’s cooling sensation, which helps to calm irritated or inflamed skin.

I came across the Benton Aloe Gel after watching Liah Yoo’s video (man, I love her!). Quickly, I searched it up on Hermo & was really surprise to see that it’s super inexpensive – RM39 for a tube. Say whaaaa?

My skin condition (prior to using the aloe gel)

  • Small bumps on my cheeks, which I suspect to be fungal acne
  • Irritated skin with pimple scars on my cheek area, because of my itchy hands lol
  • Super oily t-zone and oily dehydrated u-zone
Benton Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel
The beautiful and simple packaging

The packaging is really simple yet aesthetically pleasing to look at. The cover doesn’t open easily unlike some tube products I’ve tried, which can be a mess when you’re travelling.

100 ml product for RM39 on Hermo Malaysia
Squeeze out tube which is simple and hygienic
Gel-like texture

I super love the texture of this moisturizer. It’s in gel form (explains the name), which is perfect for those with oily skin, like me. It absorbs really fast, which also makes it a perfect moisturizer for me to use in my morning skincare routine.

Clear gel that spreads easily on the skin, leaving a mild, cool sensation

Here are my thoughts on the pros and cons of this product


  • Very affordable
  • Fuss-free moisturizer with simple ingredients
  • Doesn’t leave any stickiness or tackiness after applying onto the skin
  • Absorbs really fast into the skin, making it a perfect AM moisturizer if you’re always in a rush, like me lol
  • Comes in a huge tub of 100 ml which can last you a good 4-5 months, depending on how much you use. Mine lasts me for a good 5 months, and it’s still not finished
  • Doesn’t aggravate irritated skin or cause any breakouts
  • Leaves a soothing cooling sensation


  • Might be too simple for those who craves for a more complex moisturizer
  • Too lightweight for those with dry skin
  • Too lightweight for those living in dry or cool climate
  • Does not help in reducing or getting rid of pimples or whiteheads

Repurchase? Yes
Rating: 9/10
Where to buy: I got mine from Hermo Malaysia here



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