Pyungkang Yul – Cleansing Foam

I don’t usually write about beauty products but when I do, it’s something that I have fallen in love with!

Known for having extremely minimal ingredients in their product (not more than 10 ingredients), Pyungkang Yul is a highly raved K-Beauty product in the K-Beauty community & by beauty gurus. With that said, the whole Pyungkang Yul range is safe for people with sensitive skin or for those who are diagnosed with eczema. Personally, I do not know anyone with eczema that uses this product but if I do, I’ll def update here (boyfie is, maybe I shall convince him to be a guinea pig :p).

It is said that this brand is created by a group of dermatologists in a hospital in Korea, so rest assured that their products are safe for sensitive skin (I think I said that earlier, but, nehmind).

After reading so many good and promising reviews about this line, I purchased my very first Pyungkal Yul product from Zalora (which ships from Hermo) when Zalora had a 20% storewide sale, including this brand (sometimes, brands exclusions do apply) so, it was cheaper compared to Hermo itself! Always, always do your comparison guys. Saving a few good bucks is better than saving nothing. Here are my thoughts:

The bottle is HUGE, 180ml!

When I first saw the tube, I was like “okay, this cleanser will last me till my deathbed”. It is extremely huge for the price I paid (<RM40). However, I did notice that it is not completely full, it was 60% full? But still, it will last me forever. I am 4 months into using this product and I’ve yet to reach 20% lol.

It doesn’t give you the “squeaky clean” feeling

Which is good! Before watching and learning more on skin care, I used to think that having squeaky, eek eek feeling on my skin after cleansing is good (you know what I’m saying? Lol) but apparently, this means that the natural moisture barrier on your skin is stripped off – which means… you’re losing moisture, girllll! So I’m happy & thankful that this cleanser gives you just the right “boink boink” after washing it off. Major lav!

No smell / fragrance-free

You know when products claims themselves as fragrance-free, I assume I won’t smell a single thing? Lol. But this has a … certain smell to it. It has the typical fragrance-free smell to it (lol I know I don’t make a single sense here) but it’s bearable. Something that you need to get used to, which it’s nothing major. I got used to it the third day of using this cleanser.

It doesn’t contain small scrubbing particles

Which makes this the perfect daily cleanser because scrubbing your face daily with the small granules can be unhealthy (one shall on scrub twice-thrice a week) for the skin barrier.

Please don’t ask me why the heck is my hand so ugly in that photo … and you scrolled back up, didn’t cha? :p … or maybe you didn’t and you’re judging me now šŸ˜¦ It’s the lighting, seriously. I have no place at home with proper lighting, cept for my mum’s washing machine area, lol.

So that’s it for my first skincare review! An extremely amateur review but it feels so nice to recommend what I think is good for me … and of course to you – my non existent reader(s). Lol.

You can purchase Pyungkang Yul from their websiteĀ (if you can read Korean),Ā Hermo or Zalora.

Official Website: Pyungkang Yul
Pyunkang Yul @ Zalora
Pyunkang Yul @ Hermo

Till the next post, xx.


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