Review – Althea A’Bloom Launch

Althea recently launched its new A’Bloom line on 23rd April (my birth date!), which consists of 4 types of masks, a blackhead removal stick and two types of makeup sponges/puffs. And as usual, Althea wins again in their super adorable packaging and price tag! Here are the lists of items that are available in the A’Bloom range:

Sheet Masks (RM2.00 each)
Avocado (Nourishing)
Peach (Anti-Blemish)
Lime (Brightening)
Watermelon (Moisturizing)

BHA Blackhead Blaster (RM16.00)

Meringue Puffs (2 sizes available)
Giant Meringue Puff (RM8.00)
Baby Meringue Puffs (RM11.00 for 3)

Aren’t these packaging the cutest?!

S H E E T  M A S K S

Avocado Sheet Mask – RM2.00 (per piece) or RM15.00 (10 pieces)

Avocados are super beneficial to the skin, especially if you lean towards the dry-skin category. It nourishes the skin, making it supple and bouncy *toing toing*, which is what everyone wants, right?

My Verdict
This mask is packed with tonnes of nourishing essence and doesn’t have a strong scent. The mask size is too big for my face (most sheet masks are, except for Dr Morita’s) but I have no problem “ironing” the mask out. As much as I like how it claims to nourish and really does the job, but since I lean towards the oily skin category, this was a bit too “nourishing” for my skin. Nevertheless, I’d recommend this mask if you have very dry skin.

Watermelon Sheet Mask – RM2.00 (per piece) or RM15.00 (10 pieces)

I freaking love watermelon. If there is one fruit that I am allowed to eat in my entire life, it’s a big, juicy watermelon. Watermelon is definitely in-trend right now when it comes to skincare. I mean, who would’ve thought of spreading watermelon juice or extract on your face, right? This juicy baby claims to moisturize your face and they are packed with antioxidants too – which is great for anti-aging. Talking about a multi-purpose ingredient!

My Verdict
This is definitely one of my favourite masks out of all the other three masks. It is so cooling on the face and truly moisturizes my skin without leaving any tackiness after removing the sheet mask. It is less rich as compared to the avocado one, which is perfect my oily skin. I’d definitely recommend this to those with oily skin that needs a lil’ boost-me-up in their skincare routine.

Lemon Lime Sheet Mask – RM2.00 (per piece) or RM15.00 (10 pieces)

This is definitely a super popular ingredient to brighten up skin tones. They are a wonderful source of Vitamin C that helps to improve the skin appearance. Besides being beneficial to the skin, it also plays an awesome role in our diet as they’re packed with antioxidants, calcium, magnesium and all the other good stuff.

My Verdict
Though heavily packed with essence, it is pretty lightweight and smells refreshing. Sadly, I did not see any brightening after using this mask, unlike my favourite Dr Morita mask. Perhaps one needs to use more than once to see the effect.

Peach Sheet Mask – RM2.00 (per piece) or RM15.00 (10 pieces)

I first learned about the peach skincare line from Skinfood because my mum… she loves it. She was really bumped out when Skinfood closed down but that story aside. I honestly do not know much about peaches in skincare but based on my research, the peach extract is packed with a variety of minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to the skin, especially Vitamin C and E – that helps wounds to recover faster and prevent ageing of the skin by minimising oxygen free radicals.

My Verdict
This was the first mask I tried among all of them because my face wasn’t in the best condition that day. So, I decided to try out this mask given that it claims to be an anti-blemish mask. It feels very nice on the skin, doesn’t irritate all the small pimples nor create new bumps on my skin after using this. However, I feel that it doesn’t do much on the anti-blemish claim but then again, I guess I have to try more than once to get the result?

M E R I N G U E  P U F F S

When I first got these puffs, I couldn’t stop squealing how cute these lil’ puffs are! These meringue puffs come in two options:

Giant meringue puffs to buff and blends out foundation
Baby meringue puffs to blend in concealer or targeted spots on the face

Giant Meringue Puff – RM8.00

My Verdict
This is perfect! I like how it expands when you wet it with water and it blends out foundation effortlessly. It is soft and squishy, though I wish it could be softer (its just me guys haha). I would definitely repurchase this because it’s freaking affordable and so, so wallet-friendly.

Baby Meringue Puffs – RM11.00 for 3

My Verdict
Honestly, if it’s not for this review, I wouldn’t use this. Not because its a bad product but ITS TOO CUTE TO BE USED! Displaying this on my vanity brightens up my morning whenever I put my makeup on. I don’t wet this (but it does expand a lil’ if you do) and usually go straight in to blend my concealer. The pointed tip makes it easy to reach the corner of the eyes and of course, it blends out concealer beautifully.

B H A  B L A C K H E A D  B L A S T E R

Althea claims this to be “Blackhead Out Without The Ouch” which I find it super cute. The BHA in the stick (which is white willow!) will gently exfoliate the skin without any irritation. The small packaging makes it super easy to travel with too!

BHA Blackhead Blaster – RM16.00

My Verdict
True to its claim, this is super easy to use. Just rub this stick on your nose (or any area that your skin is prone to getting blackheads) and wash it off with lukewarm water. As recommended in the Althea website, put over a warm towel over the face prior to using the stick. This will help the pores to open bigger, hence making the blackhead and whitehead removal so much more effective and easier. I personally do not suffer from blackheads but I do get whiteheads occasionally. This really helps in smoothening my skin texture out but nothing to wow or major. Does the job! 🙂 No irritations or whatsoever. I love this!


I love how they put so much thoughts into their packaging, their punny product names and how do not overcharge you with a hefty price tag. Although these adorable products were sent to me, my opinions are honest based on my experience with these babies. I highly recommend you guys to try the A’Bloom range out because cmon, it’s super affordable and adorable.

Big thanks to the Althea team for sending these to their Althea Angels!

Repurchase? Yes to sheet mask (watermelon), BHA Blackhead Blaster and the Meringue Puffs
Rating: 7/10 to the A’Bloom range
Where to buy: Althea Website


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