Rising Ramen Tori, Penang

Location: Moulmein Rise, Pulau Tikus, Penang
Operation Hours: 10.30am – 9.30pm
Additional Info: Subject to 6% Service Charge | No GST | No reservation is required (unless you have a huge group of 6 persons and above)

Opened in December 2017, this new ramen joint in Penang serves pork-free ramen with reasonably priced dishes. Their first branch, which serves Kuro Ramen (pork broth ramen) is located in Kuching, Sarawak.

Ramen starts from as low as RM9.00+ and goes up to only RM19.50+. Not a ramen fan? 3 choices of donburi are available as well.

Diners may choose to opt in extra toppings (extra charge) in their ramen (or rice) such as corns, tori charsiu, eggs, seaweed and more.

There are 3 choices of broth to choose from, namely:

  • White/Shiro
    • rich chicken broth
    • my favourite!
  • Black/Kuro
    • rich chicken broth infused with homemade garlic oil
    • super fragant
    • my second favourite ramen
  • Red/Aka
    • spicy chicken broth ramen
    • my least favourite, maybe because I prefer super spicy ramen that is on the thicker side
    • I find this to be a little mild for my liking, suitable for people that prefers just a slight hint of spiciness in their ramen

In each category, there are 3 choices to choose from. Basically ranging from the basic toppings to the most toppings, including additional fried fishballs, tori thigh meat.

Ajitama Shiro (White) with corns (add-ons)
My all-time-favourite; Tori Nanban Don! So, so, good.
Tori Nanban side dish is also available if you do not want it to be served with rice. Perfect for sharing!

This pocket-friendly ramen joint is definitely a worth the buck. Spicy ramen could use a little improvement (especially on the spiciness). Seats are pretty limited on peak periods (lunch/dinner) so if you’re heading to this place in a big group, I would recommend you to give them a call. No choice of vegetarian dishes, so adding a few choices of vegetarian ramen would be great!


Facebook: Rising Ramen Tori
Instagram: @risingramentori


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