Easy No Bake Cake for your Dog

Want to celebrate your pup’s birthday but you have limited baking skills or don’t feel like splurging on a lavish cake?
Try an easy no bake ‘cake’ recipe! 🙂

I made this last year for my dog’s birthday. Because I adopted her, it was the first birthday that we were celebrating together so I wanted to try out something different. But I didn’t have an oven, I’m not a good baker so I had to find some alternatives.

I found an easy recipe on Youtube which I have tweaked so that it’s hassle free, quick, budget friendly and delicious. 🙂

So if you are looking for something similar – read on/ watch the video!

TLDR Video:

  • 1 x Meat Roll (in Malaysia : Pedigree Meat in a tin -1.25kg but you only need half of this)
  • 2 x Potatoes
  • 1/3 Cup Coconut Cream (in Malaysia : Santan)
  • Decorations of your choice (eg. Kibbles, blueberries, Treats)

Essentially we are going to take a meat loaf and jazz it up to look like a cute cake. 🙂

Step by Step guide:

1) Peel, Chop & Boil the potatoes.

2) Once potatoes are soft, mash the potatoes and sieve them to get a soft texture. The finer, the better because the more it’d look like frosting.

3) Mix in the coconut cream and mix well, add more for a whiter ‘frosting’

4) Cut your meat blob to the size of cake of your liking (i think about 500g is a good size)

5) Spread the frosting evenly and generously all over the cake

6) Decorate the base with kibbles and the top with blueberries, treats and candles – especially your dog’s favourite treats 🙂

And wallaaaa!

Celebrate away with your pup! I’m sure he/she’ll love it ❤

Enjoy! xx


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