Easy No Bake Cake for your Dog

Want to celebrate your pup's birthday but you have limited baking skills or don't feel like splurging on a lavish cake?Try an easy no bake 'cake' recipe! 🙂 I made this last year for my dog's birthday. Because I adopted her, it was the first birthday that we were celebrating together so I wanted to… Continue reading Easy No Bake Cake for your Dog


Lessons from My Patients

Working as a small animal veterinarian, I've been blessed to have encountered and interacted with all sorts of creatures. Large and small, furry and scaly, friendly and feisty, adorable and oddball. They all come into the clinic for different reasons. Some come in curious and inquisitive, some are so nervous it is almost comical, some happy-go-lucky, some… Continue reading Lessons from My Patients