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Top 5 Favourite Beauty Youtubers


Youtube has everything you need to know under the sun. From cooking, gardening, finance tips to Photoshop tutorials, music tutorials, learning a new language… or even learning how to unlock your old car with a ruler if you accidentally left the key inside the car (don’t ask me why I watched this, lol). Need an answer? Youtube! or Google.

Remember the days where we have to consult the salesperson behind the counter in your local drugstore, beauty boutiques or Parkson to get more skincare tips & product recommendations? (and the fact they’re usually biased towards their own products lol). Now you have Youtubers to tell you, even when we’re 500 miles apart.

As a skincare & makeup enthusiast, my favourite channels to watch are of course, related to skincare & beauty (duh, lol) besides binging on aesthetic, slow living lifestyle channels, which I’ve written about here. Today, let me share with you my Top 5 favourite Beauty Youtube channels that I’ll always go back to for skincare tips, advice, product recommendations or just to watch them putting on skincare & makeup.

1. Beauty Within

Definitely deserves number 1 in my list (and heart, awwww). The chemistry between Rowena & Felicia is uh-mazing. They make learning about skincare uber FUN with their cute yet informative infographic about skincare ingredients, how-tos & so on. Both of their skin types are drastically different so you’ll get the best of both oily & dry skin tips. Also, they always have matchy outfits, which has nothing to do with skincare, but it adds to the experience of watching them! Definitely give them a try, I can guarantee that you’ll love these two bubbly girls.

2. Soo Beauty

I’ve been following Soo since she started her Youtube channel, which was about 4 years ago? Watching her grow from a regular Youtuber to the face of Etude House & now her own skincare line, I FEEL LIKE A PROUD SISTER? LOL. Super goofy & bubbly, she always shows you her real skin, how to tackle acne concerns & occasional makeup reviews too. Gotta love Soo!

3. Gothamista

If you’re looking for a warm, older sister to guide you through your skincare journey, you have Renee, aka Gothamista! She exudes a really warm, cosy, motherly vibe & her voice is just so calming to listen to. Her explanations are very detailed, no-frills, no cute infographic, just all the details you need to know. She is quite underrated in my personal opinion, so subscribe to her if you haven’t already!

4. RachhLoves

If you love watching makeup try-ons, how they last on your skin throughout the day (the good, the bad, the deets) or prefer more Western product recommendations, I highly recommend RachhLoves! She reviews makeup more than skincare products so if you are super into videos like best drugstore makeups, Sephora Haul or wondering if those viral makeup tips / highly sponsored products are worth the shot, RachhLoves is the gal for you! She’s also super bubbly & fun, which I noticed is what I really like in a Youtuber, hehe

5. KathleenLights

If you’re seasoned in the beauty community, you’ve probably heard of her! KathleenLights does a lot of makeup tutorials & review more than skincare but oh dear lord, just look at her skin… It’s fuh-reaking flawless. Sometimes I wish she shares more skincare tips. There are occasional skincare reviews but her makeup ones are more entertaining. I enjoy her loud personality, which is goofy most of the time. If you love watching makeup try-ons, Boxy Charm unboxing, get ready with me, makeup reviews, she’s the gal for you! Her makeup is always on point too!

Honorary Mention

I’m not sure where to put these two babies because they’re not really my top 5 recommendations for beauty tips & tricks but I watch them hell a lot, so they deserve my love! I guess it’s because one of them is so popular that you might already know her existence & the other is more of a beauty news update rather than product reviews. So here goes!

1. Beauty News

They don’t do skincare or makeup reviews but they DESTROY products! Not sure about you but I find it super satisfying to watch makeup getting destroyed because I know I won’t destroy mine, lol. Besides destroying makeup, they test whether you are paying for the right amount of products a brand promises you with (or if they’re lying on their packaging!) & does weekly beauty news update on new makeup/skincare releases. It’s not for everyone but I definitely enjoy listening to updates! They’re brutally honest & doesn’t filter much of their words and opinions (which is ultimately a good thing for viewers). Gotta love Kat & Hailey!

2. Pony Syndrome

When I say “popular”, I’m quite sure the name “Pony” crosses your mind, no? If the answer is a ‘no’, then it’s ok, click and watch because I can assure you’ll fall in love with Pony’s soft voice & super aesthetically edited video. She’s definitely a professional when it comes to makeup tutorials & reviews. Her makeup tips & tutorials are super easy for us to adapt in real life too. She’s also super gorgeous T_T so I don’t blame you when the trick works on her look but goes “eh??” on our face HAHA (happened to me a few times, ish ish ish)

I hope you find these recommendations fun & helpful! Who are your favourite beauty gurus? Let me know in the comments down below!

Till the next post xx


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