Philips Wireless Keyboard & Mouse (SPT6314) Review

The term “Working from Home” was such a privileged thing to say during the pre-covid era, right?

“Where’s your office?”
“Oh, I work from home”
*drops mic*

With the sudden spike of COVID-19 cases worldwide, Working From Home has turned from a privileged entitlement to a new norm / new normal. Everyone started purchasing laptops, gadgets, upgrading their monitor screen or even getting a separate wireless keyboard!

Working from Home can be mundane especially when you have no colleagues to talk to, no tea to spill & so forth. But you can always perk up your workspace with cute gadgets! I love owning a separate wireless keyboard because of how my desk is shaped. I prefer my monitor screen to be further so my eyes don’t get tired as easily but my short, T-Rex arms to be closer to me when I type. So, wireless keyboard to the rescue!

I recently purchased an uber-cute Philips Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo from Lazada for only RM59 with FREE delivery (after using the FREE DELIVERY coupon). Such a steal!


I thought it might be too big for my desk but surprisingly, the size was just nice. It’s slightly longer than the normal keyboard because of its numerical keypad on the right but isn’t too big that it takes up the whole desk space.

What’s Included?

1 x Keyboard
1 x Mouse with Silent Function
2 x Batteries for both Keyboard & Mouse
1 x Year Warranty

Key Functions

  • Both keyboard & mouse wireless connectivity is up to 10 meter barrier-free from device
  • Mouse with silent design
  • Automated sleep function if user is inactive that helps to prolong with battery life
  • Low voltage alarm when battery needs to be replaced
  • Shortcut key for calculator
  • Numeric keypad
  • Compatible with both Windows & MAC PC.

Where to Buy?

RM59.60 on Lazada. Click here to view the product.


I freaking love this purchase. As a person that doesn’t really enjoy the sound of mouse-clicking, the silent design works really well for me. As for the keyboard, it isn’t as silent as compared to the mouse but I personally love typing sound (ASMR, anyone?), so it’s music to my ears… Setting up was easy, quick & hassle-free. The dongle to connect both mouse and laptop is tucked at the back of the mouse, next to the battery case. Overall, no complain! It’s affordable, compact & cute. Everything I look for in a keyboard.


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