Pop & Chee Healthy Home Farm Review

Tucked away in an urban residential neighbourhood in Penang, Pop & Chee Healthy Home, is the most pleasant little surprise. It’s an Urban Farm where the founders – Pop & Chee champions sustainability and healthy living through multiple efforts. From planting their own produce & selling them, running education workshops, selling sustainably produced clothing and homemade tea leaves, running an AirBnB for organic farm lovers to this _ a little café to serve all that amazing food ala Farm to table.

I heard about them from my friend, who lives a stone’s throw away from Pop & Chee and boy was I amazed when I first reached the place. We were immediately greeted by Chee, who ushered us to our seats amongst a cozy little seating arrangement where it could house only a max of 11 people at a time.

The place was rustically decorated, and we were surrounded by lush greenery that it indeed felt like a sanctuary in the middle of a forest. Even the decorations were homegrown Mexican Sunflowers! We had booked a private lunch for 3, a few months in advance as the seats are limited, and it’s available only every Saturday.

The lunch included drinks, their signature 6 inch woodfire pizzas and desserts! Check out their massive Woodfire Oven – like Pizzas are great but Woodfire pizzas are AMAZINGGGG:

We were served homemade Rozelle Kombucha as an appetizer & drink; where Chee explained that it’s good to start off the meal with Kombucha because it would help our digestion and get our tummies ready for all that scrumptious food. The drink tasted really sparkling and fresh – kinda reminded me of fresh cranberry Kombucha.

Rozelle Kombucha

We ordered 2 pizzas to share and because my friend is close with Chee – they were gracious enough to make a little special order for us – where one pizza had 2 flavours so we got to try all 3 flavours (Tomyam, Greeny Special & Margherita) available 🙂

Farmgherita (Pop & Chee’s spin on the traditional Margherita)
Half & Half : Greeny Special and Tomyam

All the woodfire pizzas were made with sourdough bases that has been fermented for 12 hours and it tasted SO GOOD. I especially loved the crust! It’s so soft and fluffy – as compared to pizza stores like Dominoes & Pizza Huts whose crust tends to taste very bread-y (lol for lack of better word). All of the flavours were really tasty, most of them Thai inspired (cause Pop is from Thailand) -the tomyam is definitely unique but my personal fave was the Greeny special. It was a mix of mushroom, cheese and Green curry sauce – a combo I never knew would taste SO GOOD ON A PIZZA.

We ended our meal with a refreshing Rozelle sorbet made from their homegrown fruits! All in all, we paid about RM52 per pax for the lunch set. A good value meal in my own opinion considering the quality of the pizzas and the overall ambience of the place 🙂

Now, on to the Home Farm tour !

The Backyard : A farm with all sorts of produce!

They also have quite huge family of animals – from geese, ducks, and a rooster. All of them had their own designated places t rest and roam and I think this would be absolutely wonderful for children, to be able to be up close and personal with so many farm animals. It’s indeed a breath of fresh air too for adults who have been working from home for far too long.

Can you spot the little duckies, below? And look at this precious one napping in the arms of my friend awwww

They are also accompanied by their own furry animals – Happy the doggo and Coco the catto. TOO CUTE.

All in all, I had a great experience! It was truly one of a kind – the food was delicious and healthy and I’m in awe and have so much respect for their sustainability efforts.

If you are interested/ in town, do check them out ! To book yourself a private lunch, do follow them on their Facebook for more updates on the availability or contact them at the number below.

Address: 19, Persiaran Minden, 11800 Gelugor, Penang

Contact: +60 14-247 0018





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