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8 Best Purchases We Made in Our 20s

Ahh, the twenties. A time where we find ourselves foraying into the age of independence, self-discovery and… adulting. Our 20s are a time where most of us gain some sort of financial freedom, having just graduated and entered into the work field. And let’s face it, that feeling of having cash that is all yours, to spend on whatever your heart desires is an empowering one. That doesn’t mean we always make sound decisions and buy stuff that we need though. Retail therapy is a devil in disguise. But amongst the many purchases we’ve made thus far (including the good, bad and totally random), here is a list of our best ones:


Travelling Backpack

This was a significant purchase for me because it was the first legitimate travelling rutsack that I owned. It travelled with me when I went on my first solo trip to Taiwan, and the subsequent solo trips that followed. It had my back 😉 during an almost 3-week long graduation trip across Vietnam and it had been with me when we scaled Mount Kinabalu. It has acted as a pillow in airports, a barrier against weird passengers on buses, and a shelter from the rain and weather. I guess you could say that there is an emotional attachment of sorts to this particular purchase but not without good reason too. Lightweight and durable, I loved the fact that it can fit all of my essentials in its many compartments and is so portable at the same time. I could literally pack up and go , and have all I needed with me. My Karrimor has been a reliable travelling partner in my 20s, that I hope will continue to be so far into my 30s and beyond!

Comfortable footwear

I owe this purchase to my Mother. I have a collapsed arch and because of that my knees sometimes hurt especially when I did certain physical activities or was just on my feet for too long. She was the one that had repeatedly told me to get myself a proper pair of shoes, and when I procrastinated (because well, good shoes are pricey!), she was the one who threatened to throw my ‘trendy’ colourful, plastic slippers away and dragged me to the nearest shoe shop to get me my first pair of FitFlops. And let me tell you, Mothers do know best. My feet and knees are in a much better place now. The borderline aunty designs have nothing on the comfort it provides. Style is temporary but good arch & knee support is forever.

Electric Toothbrush

I got myself an electric toothbrush recently because simply put, I had bad teeth brushing habits. Seriously, it is a wonder how I still have not gone toothless at this age. I figured if there was something that could improve my oral health with minimal effort, it would be an electric toothbrush. Now I look forward to my daily twice a day brushes. Squeaky clean mouth and all I have to do is guide the rotating brush head along my teeth surfaces. There is even an automatic 2-minute timer that will let me know when I’m done so I could technically brush my teeth with my eyes closed! –extra sleep time for those groggy days (jk, don’t try this at home) And at 1000+ strokes per minute compared to 300 with a manual toothbrush? C’mon, the beauty of automation technology amirite. Plague buildup can’t fight that degree of efficiency. Read this comparison article between electric and manual toothbrushes to know more.


Computer Monitor

This purchase is a game changer for anyone who wants to level up on their productivity. When I changed jobs 2.5years ago, my employer gave me a company laptop and a computer monitor. Let me tell you, once you have two screens, you never go back. My job requires me to work with tons of spreadsheets and reports and by having two screens I could easily compare data and share presentations in virtual meeting easier. Major bonus is not having to squint ever again.

Now I know why people like to buy those huge TVs. Computer monitors’ tag line should be ‘Multitasking made easy‘. Plus, when you are off work it doubles as a nice little TV for YouTube videos 🙂

Hydrating moisturizer

The best purchase in my 20s is hands down Onsaemeein’s Perfect Moisture Cream (Moisturizer). For years, I have struggled with clogged pores, so much so that my beautician complains about it everytime I see her for my monthly facial. Trying to find the perfect moisturizer for your skin is like trying to find a great partner. The search is tireless but it’s oh-so-rewarding when you finally do.

This lightweight moisturizer is perfect for the humid weather, absorbs easily and after I started using it, my skin completely cleared up. Cause the reason for clogged pores is that my skin was dehydrated and therefore secreting more oil to combat it. Some notable ingredients include Trehalose extract and Niacinamide. Check out Gudeiary’s short write up on the product here.

Gudeiary (Karen)

My iPhone 11 Pro Max

My cameraman, my editor, my radio, my clock, my source of entertainment, my travel buddy, my Personal Assistant to remind me of my to-dos because I’m a goldfish. My everything. Yes, owning an iPhone can be expensive but it’s a great investment (for me) & it is honestly one of my best purchase I’ve made in my 20s. It holds so much value in my life that it justifies the premium price tag I paid. I remember owning my first iPhone 4 back in 2012 (thank you, papa) & was hooked with Apple’s product ever since. User friendly, aesthetically pleasing & Apple products are honestly durable & will last you a pretty long time.

my baby girl

My Buttercup

Yes, I name my car! Haha. Buttercup was my very first car I bought with my own hard earned money. Yes, car values depreciates very fast however, I beg to differ. Buying a car that you can’t afford just because its branded, beautiful & expensive but to only burden yourself with crazy installments monthly… ehem. That’s not very smart. But getting an affordable Sedan within your monthly installment budget (remember to work within your budget before committing your purchase!), it’s not too bad. I got my Buttercup at a discounted price (Lunar New Year Sale) so it was such a great steal! Always wait for festive deals & look for the best sales person that offers the best trade in price (if you already own a car you want to sell off anyways) so you can save even more!

Mitsubishi did not sponsor this post LOL.

Buttercup has been with me for good 5 years now & I still love her to bits. Birds around my area also too, love her as their daily potty by shittin’ all over her haha. Dear birds, white car doesn’t mean it’s a potty, please. This baby also consume very little petrol. A full tank of RM70 lasts me around 12-15 days & I drive heck a lot. Buttercup is definitely one of my best buys in my 20s!

Good Writing Stationeries

Call me ol’ school but I’m the type of person that prefers holding an actual book rather than scrolling on my Kindle or ipad, highlighting points with my muted highlighters or simply penning down my thoughts & decorating my journal, all that good stuff. So owning good stationeries makes a big difference for me, probably because the aesthetics also puts me in a good mood, making the reading & journaling experience much more fun!

Slowly expanding my Tombow collection

Besides Tombow dual brush pens, I also love my Muji pens (which they sadly discontinue) which are super pigmented & last me a pretty long time and I write A LOT. Like a lot, a lot. Good stationeries like these can be pretty expensive compared to the affordable ones you can get online but boy, there’s a big difference between writing with a 50 cents pen & a pen that costs you 10 bucks.


So, that rounds up our list of best purchases in our 20’s ! What’s your best purchase you’ve made so far? Let us know in the comments below!


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