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8 Best Purchases We Made in Our 20s

Ahh, the twenties. A time where we find ourselves foraying into the age of independence, self-discovery and... adulting. Our 20s are a time where most of us gain some sort of financial freedom, having just graduated and entered into the work field. And let's face it, that feeling of having cash that is all yours,… Continue reading 8 Best Purchases We Made in Our 20s


Idiot’s guide: Stock investing-Explained

For those new to the world of investing/ dipping toes into their personal finance journey, I'm sure you have been inundated with articles saying "Dont just save! INVEST!!", "Grow your wealth"and the list goes on. The question is -What does it even mean ? Why isn't saving enough? How is investing different from gambling- after… Continue reading Idiot’s guide: Stock investing-Explained