My Top 5 Favourite Podcasts

The meteoric rise of podcast is the best thing that has happened to serial multitaskers.

I for one, LOVE listening to podcasts. I listen to it on the way to work (Pre-pandemic), I listen to it during work sometimes (Post-pandemic), I listen to it while walking my dog, I listen to it while cleaning. It just makes any mundane task more interesting.

With sooo many podcast out there and so little time, how can one find a podcast worth listening to?

If you are looking for some suggestions, here are my Top 5 (in no particular order):

All podcasts listed are available on Spotify.

1. NPR’s Planet Money

An engaging podcast from all economic-related topics – NPR’s Planet Money tackles a wide range of issues from technology, politics, money, to social and environmental issues.

I was first introduced to this podcast by a friend who recommended the Planet Money’s Wasteland episode which breaks down the inefficiencies of the recycling process. Since then, I was hooked! The podcasts employs a ELI5 (Explain-to-me-Like-I’m-5) approach and often bring in experts in the field for additional commentary. The style is comedic, light but impactful; just the right balance.

The episodes are usually between 20-30mins long (which is the ideal time of an evening walk).

Some interesting episodes for reference:

2. The Minimalists Podcast

A podcast hosted by Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus; two minimalist who started out about a decade ago -way before any of us started Marie Kondo-ing. But this podcast is more than the Minimalism that we are so familiar with – on decluttering and sparking joy; their podcast focuses more on Minimalism as Life’s philosophy. At its heart, Minimalism is Essentialism; it’s about being intentional with the things, time and people in our lives.

Their podcast topics range from our relationship with social media, our things, how we define success to even Love. I really like the way they share their perspectives on various topics, it’s often very wise and very apt. Every time I’m having a stressful day, this is my go-to podcast.

The episodes are usually between 45mins – 1 hour.

Some interesting episodes for reference:

3. Got A Phing? Careers Podcast

A podcast hosted by Mei Phing, a Professional Career Coach with over a decade of experience in high ranking positions in the corporate world. Having rose up the corporate ladder in a short amount of time, she shares insights on all things career related – from how to identify our skill gaps, what we should know in the job seeking process to how our personalities impact our careers.

I find the podcast helpful in navigating my own career journey. Often times, we approach work like ‘Oh I’ll do my work and trust that I will be rewarded’, but truth is – Hope is not a Strategy. Her podcasting style is frank and direct and episodes are bite-sized; only between 15mins to 20mins long, making it a great listen on a busy day.

Some interesting episodes for reference:

4. BFM

BFM is actually Malaysia’s independent radio station that covers both local and global business news and current affairs. They actually have a wide range of segments from Money to Highlights from Small Local Businesses, and Social Issues. They have many sub podcasts on Spotify – search up BFM and all 7 of them will appear LOL.

This is actually my MOST listened to podcast. I listen to it every single day because I can catch up with the news and learn a little more from their daily featured stories and topics. The commentators are engaging and intelligent – sharing many great commentary which helps expand my mind. I love listening to people who are way smarter than I am – because I don’t know what I don’t know, so I have much to learn.

Depending on the segment, episodes can range from 15mins to 45mins long.

Because the episodes get replaced really frequently, along with the news so no examples provided.

5. Iced Coffee Hour with Graham & Jack

This is the podcast by one of the most popular Financial Youtubers out there – Graham Stephan. He is one of my favourite youtubers – a Real estate Agent turned Youtuber. He covers many Personal Finance and Investing content on his main channel and is responsible for a lot of the investing knowledge that I have acquired. He also has a second channel, the Graham Stephan Show, where he posts reaction videos to other people’s spending habits…you can sense the hustle just by the number of channels he has LOL.

In his podcast, he will often feature many other youtubers to talk to them about money and their business. Fret not! -it’s not limited to only Financial youtubers but from many other different industries. Maybe cause I also subscribe to a handful of these youtubers so I’m biased haha nevertheless, Graham & Jack’s personality is really lively and direct – and I always appreciate candor.

Most episodes are more than an hour long.

Some interesting episodes for reference:

You can either watch his podcasts on youtube or stream it on any podcast streaming platforms.

And that’s a wrap!

I also love checking out new podcasts so drop a comment if you have some great recommendations. Would love to hear from you 🙂

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