Easy Homemade Wonton Dumpling Soup

There is something universally comforting about a bowl of dumplings.

If I could have a food-related philosophical discussion with God, one of the questions I would ask is:

What defines a dumpling?

For you truth seekers out there, check out this article on dumplings , or you could also just remain hedonistically ignorant about your love for them. Either way, there is no condemnation.

Since the Chinese New Year is approaching, today we put the spotlight on Wonton dumplings in particular. Basically, wontons are little Chinese dumplings made by wrapping fillings like meat, seafood or vegetables with wonton wrappers. They are usually boiled or steamed but can also be fried. In Chinese culture, wontons are an auspicious dish which symbolizes wealth and treasure. Thus, they are usually served during the New year festivities. Cause, who wouldn’t want to start the year with a bowl of fortune!

Delicious Bowl of Fortune

Despite the occasion, wontons are truly wonton-ful. They’re like little parcels of joy, small but flavourful. And is wonderfully comforting when served with a steaming bowl of hot soup. I used to dislike ordering wonton soup in hawker stalls as a kid because it was always too hot to gobble up immediately, but as an adult with long days and possible underlying mental health issues, wonton dumpling soup is now a comfort food for me, my Asian version of mac & cheese.

And trust me when I say these are really simple to make!

For the filling, I seasoned minced chicken with some soy sauce, white pepper, Chinese cooking wine , and sesame oil (love the stuff!). I also added abit of scallions, cause I enjoy the flavour it brings to the meat, but feel free to omit it if you’re not a big fan. After that, it is just about wrapping and you’re one more step closer to dumpling delight!

I got my wanton wrappers from my local grocery store at the chiller section (There are different types of wrappers but this article really gave me an idea of what I was looking for).
Wrapping the fillings is easier than it looks. You’ll start to get the hang of it after a few tries, and may even find it therapeutic like I did.
Wondering if wonton wrapper origami is a thing.

For those of you new to making wontons, I included a step-by-step picture guide to how I wrapped my wontons below!

Wanton Party on a plate

As for the soup, I kept it simple and went with a clear Chinese style chicken soup with leftover stock I had in the freezer. And that’s it, folks ! Wonton dumpling soup, ready to be served and slurped up.
Also, if you’re worried about about how many this will make (my recipe yielded about 31), you’ll be happy to know that these can be frozen and kept in the freezer for up to a few months. Standby for those busy days when you need to throw stuff together for a meal.

Might I also suggest adding these to your late night instant noodle suppers? *devil emoji*

I really hope you do take the time to try out this simple recipe for yourself!

Wonton Dumpling Soup
makes about 31


for the Wonton Dumplings,

235g minced meat
1 bulb scallions, chopped
2 tbsp sesame oil
1 tbsp Chinese cooking wine
1 tbsp light soy sauce
1/2 tsp white pepper
1/4 tsp salt
wonton wrappers

for the soup,

250ml chicken broth
1 tbsp sesame oil
salt & white pepper to taste
chopped scallion for garnish


for the Wanton Dumplings mixture,

  1. Mix minced meat with sesame oil, Chinese cooking wine, light soy sauce, white pepper and salt.
  2. Add chopped scallions and mix thoroughly until mixture becomes a paste.

    for the Wanton Dumplings assembly,
  3. Moisten a sheet of wanton wrapper with water along all four edges.
  4. Add a small amount of dumpling mixture in the middle.
  5. Fold the wanton wrapper into half and seal the sides by pressing down with finger, making sure filling is not exposed.
  6. Take bottom corner edges of folded wanton sheet and bring both corners together. Secure with a little water if needed.

    to cook Wanton Dumplings,
  7. Boil water or broth in a pot.
  8. Add folded dumplings into boiling water, and stir gently to avoid sticking.
  9. Once dumplings float, cook for another 1-2 more minutes before removing from pot.

    to prepare soup,
  10. Bring chicken broth to a simmer.
  11. Add sesame oil, salt & pepper to taste.
  12. Add cooked dumplings and garnish with chopped scallions.

Wishing all our readers a Happy Chinese Niu (牛) Year! May you have a prosperous & Ox-some Year of the Ox.

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