Christmas Movie Marathon!

Ho Ho Ho everybody! Before I start with the Christmas movie recommendations, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Aryl, a rock enthusiast and a film connoisseur who happens to write movie reviews at my Instagram account Film has always been a passion of mine since I was a kid and reviewing them from a technical and viewer point of view has always been a niche that I try to specialise in. Hopefully, with the surplus amount of films I have watched throughout the years, I can hopefully guide you to the right films, may it be a popcorn film or independent films!

Let’s face it. 2020 is a game changing year that redefines celebratory events for everyone across the globe. From birthdays to weddings, even our favourite seasonal celebration could not escape the unprecedented pandemic.

Still, our strong celebratory spirits triumph over the currently grim circumstance as we merry away to celebrate Christmas with a bang. Thus, what better way to celebrate this festive holiday than to snuggle up with your loved ones and watch Christmas movies that are now readily available in multiple streaming services.

If you’re struggling to pick the ideal Christmas movie, may it be a family-friendly film, an overly cheesy romantic comedy or even the absurd Christmas film (Santa killers anyone? XD), here are 7 Christmas film suggestions for you Christmas lovers!

  1. Home Alone (1990)

I get it.
This has appeared in almost every Christmas movie lists you’ve crossed upon but hear me out.
Christopher Columbus, the director that helmed the first two Harry Potter films put his magical touches in this 1990 comedy classic about a boy accidentally left HOME ALONE during Christmas and had to fend for himself against a pair of burglars. What could be a potential Christmas horror film ended up being the perfect family-friendly comedy with a star-making turn from Macaulay Culkin as the bratty 8 year old Kevin McCallister.

What was mistaken to be a wish come true for Kevin to have Christmas alone without his family turned out to be an enormous lesson for him as he had protect himself and his home from two burglars. Thankfully, these two burglars were nothing but dim-witted nincompoops, played hilariously by Joe Pesci (you will not be laughing at his monstrous performance in his Oscar-winning performance in Goodfellas) and Daniel Stern.

Outsmarted by a little kid with devious booby traps around and inside the house, this slapstick comedy is definitely one not to miss if you have not seen this with your family and friends. Plus, it will definitely make you cherish your family, despite how crazy they may be. Besides, what Christmas would be perfect if you do not have a crazy yet loving family to celebrate with? ๐Ÿ˜‰

2. Love Actually (2003)

Over-the-top cheesy rom-com? Check.
Hugh Grant dancing goofy in front of portraits of previous British Prime Ministers? Check.
A feel-good film revolving around love and Christmas? MEGA CHECK.
The OG of multiple stories intertwined in a single film, this modern Christmas romance classic has everything every ideal Christmas movie fans are looking for.

I get it, this film has become the most overrated Christmas film to date but it’s there for a really good reason. This overly-sweet film does feel overwhelming with multiple stories revolving around varieties of love, but most of them work due to a charming cast that will sweep your heart away with their grand romantic gestures or even the most minute action (Laura Linney’s story about choosing to be by her mentally ill brother’s side is absolutely heart-breaking). Don’t get me started with the Joni Mitchell CD gift… That had me bawling in tears!!! Damn you Emma Thompson for that brilliant performance!

Get ready your tissues for this film because you will be going through a roller coaster of emotions, from happiness and laughter to sadness and loss, and make no mistake; no other Hollywood blockbusters can pull off a multiple love story as brilliant as this romantic classic. Cue Bill Nighy’s hilarious Christmas themed rendition of “Love is All Around”!

3. Klaus (2019)

What is a Christmas movie list if it does not include a single animation film!
Yes, I was a second away from recommending the brilliant, brooding film The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), but I decided to introduce another recent Netflix original animation that is still as effective and is perhaps my favourite Christmas film of all time – Klaus.

Out of an overwhelming number of Christmas origin films released to date (the corporate Santa Christmas mind you XD), Klaus definitely stands out among the rest with a brilliant, original take on the birth of Christmas celebration that is filled with jaw dropping hand drawn animation and a heartwarming tale that will melt anyone with the coldest heart. Telling the tale of Jesper, a spoilt, desperate postman who was sent to the most vile, remote village of Smeerensburg, accidentally sparking a tradition that turned out to be, quite literally, a Christmas miracle. Abetted by a gigantic woodsman (get ready for it) named Klaus, the unexpected duo worked together to save the town from their own self-destructive laws, delivering an underrated Christmas film that should stand out amongst the rest as a true Holiday classic.

4. Bad Santa (2003)

Let’s take the overly-sugary Christmas movie list down a notch (all the way down to Naughty town) with this irreverent, feel-bad Christmas comedy classic of the recent ages. A complete turnaround from the previously mentioned films, this film is suitable for movie goers with a coal-black heart and is looking for a different, crude, Christmas comedy.

This film revolves around a miserable, sex-addicted alcoholic who poses as Santa at shopping malls with his Little Helper (Tony Cox is hilarious!) to rob department stores on Christmas Eve (even The Grinch isn’t this vile!). With a committed and brilliant performance from Billy Bob Thorton, his rendition of Bad Santa is laugh out loud hilarious, upstaging the grumpy literary character Scrooge by a mile.

Holding no barriers with its foul-mouth, crude comedy, this hidden gem is definitely a standout for me when it comes to an adult Christmas comedy that will have your stomach aching from laughter long after the credits roll. It’s definitely best to watch this film with your friends who are definitely interested in being on Santa’s naughty list ๐Ÿ˜‰

5. Elf (2003)

From the director of The Mandalorian (2019 – 2020), The Jungle Book (2016) and Iron Man (2008) (yes, you read that correctly), Jon Favreau directed this Christmas miracle nobody asked for yet we so desperately deserve. How rare is it to find a Christmas comedy that’s hilarious for the entire family these days?!

Will Ferrell shines in the titular role as Buddy, an elf who discovered that he is actually human who decided to travel to New York City in search of his real father. A feel-good movie from start to finish, this film is definitely suitable for all ages, and even parents can enjoy this smartly written comedy (He must be a South Pole elf XD), even when the film’s narrative is predictable and ends on a really sweet note. Yet again, isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

6. Die Hard (1988)

Not all Christmas movies revolves around families, The North Pole, Santa or his Little Helpers.
This alternative Christmas movies will promise you the best Christmas lights in film history, and they’re definitely not the Christmas decoration on your Christmas tree XD.

The most (excuse my language) badass Christmas film of all time, Bruce Willis was in his prime in this Christmas action classic as John McClane, an NYPD officer who soon realises that his wife and several hostages in a high-rised building are held hostage by a group of terrorists. With high stake 80s action thrills, quotable one-liners and a memorable villain to boot (Professor Snape everyone!), I cannot stress enough that this is one classic film that’s not to be missed if it’s in your film list.

The holiday cheer “Ho Ho Ho” will never be seen the same way again and this film will relish your guilty pleasures with incredible action sequences, often funny script, and just pure adrenaline rush. Don’t let the year of its release fool you folks. This still stands out as one of the greatest action films of all time – it just happened to be on Christmas Eve! I’ll leave this film recommendation with this – Yippe Ki Yay!

7. Edward Scissorhands (1990)

Ending this list with another offbeat Christmas film, Edward Scissorhands may not look like your typical Christmas film with plenty of colourful visuals and bedazzling sets. Instead, Tim Burton’s gothic overtones dominate the entirety of this film, telling an original tale about an artificial humanoid named Edward, whose hands are replaced with scissor blades.

Taking place during Christmas, Johnny Depp inhabits the titular character with depth and soul, even when his character itself does not have one. Every ache and pain is felt as he struggles to deal with disingenuous neighbours and the hard truth as a humanoid who will never be accepted by society. Besides the tremendous yet bizarre visuals, its romantic narrative holds the film strongly together that feels authentic despite its impossibility. Winona Ryder definitely shines as his love interest, bringing this enchanting film to a cutting edge that stands the test of time as one of the Christmas classics.

So there you have it! You don’t need to scroll aimlessly anymore on your preferred streaming channel to find the perfect Christmas movie for you, your family and friends.
If you are keen for more movie recommendations and reviews, you may visit my main account on Instagram as I will be reviewing latest and old films for your comfort and pleasure ๐Ÿ™‚

Merry Christmas everyone!

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