Introducing my new co-writers

Meet Ivy & Joanne – my two new co-writers in Gudeiary.

A lil’ story of I & J

Ivy, a baking, food & #bujo enthusiast is a certified veterinarian or also known as Dr. Ivy.

Joanne, a believer in minimalism & sustainable living is a professional financial analyst & accountant in a prestigious company in Malaysia.

Amazing, aren’t they? You can easily search their inspiring content by clicking their name in my sidebar menu.

From cafe reviews, lifestyle content to baking & financial tips & tricks, you can trust these two to deliver the best content you’ll ever find here in my humble lil’ space.

As for me, I’ll continue to share my skincare reviews & some of Penang’s best spots to fill up your tummy.

I know the blog has been dead for a few months (or a year to be exact, lol) but I’ll be putting more time into planning out my content for you people! So when I’m lazy, I can trust Ivy & Joanne to take over. HAHAHA. Jokes.

I’m super excited to welcome them here!

Till our next post!



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