Brie Toast 2 ways

Have you ever had to choose between two things that you really liked but only could have one of?

Cake or ice-cream for dessert?
Netflix or an extra hour of sleep?
Nick or Joe Jonas (Sorry, Kevin)?


But lucky for us, the universe is good and sometimes it allows us to have both of our hearts’ desires. Like cheese toast.

Super simple to make and delicious to eat, cheese toast fulfills all the prerequisites of comfort food. There is something about this salty cheese and toasty carb combination that makes a bad day feel better. Here I used Brie, a soft & creamy, mild tasting cheese. Brie is pretty versatile when it comes to cheese toast two ways but so are alot of cheeses, so use your favourite!


Brie cheese

Fruit spread

Mushrooms (I used a combination of white button & shitake)
Salt & Pepper


  1. Spread butter on bread and toast in a pan
  2. Layer cheese on side of bread facing up and toast till soft

for Sweet toast,
Top with fruit spread
Add toppings (nuts, seeds, fruits, etc) of choice

for Savoury toast,
Fry garlic in olive oil until golden brown
Add sliced mushrooms and cook
Add salt & pepper to taste ( I also added dried Italian herbs & red chilli flakes)
Cook until mushrooms are soft, about 5 minutes. (You may add a little bit of water at this point, the steam will help cook it faster & produce juicier mushrooms)

I hope these simple toasts Brie-then up your day !

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